We cover some of the latest food and drink product launches, from flavoured Brazil nuts to organic oat milk

New product development

The latest food and drink product launches

By Gwen Ridler

From the ‘world’s first’ flavoured Brazil nut snack to an organic option for oat milk drinkers, Food Manufacture explores a host of new food and drink NPD in this round-up of new product launches.

Food manufacturers are providing special treats this Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day new food product launches

By Gwen Ridler

From Wagyu sharing steaks to personalised iced Bakewell tarts, we round-up some of the latest Valentine’s Day product launches from food and drink manufacturers.

Industry experts explore what insights actually are and the role they play in NPD. Image: Getty, yangwenshuang


Insights: More than just trends data?

By Gwen Ridler

Insights are more than just data and need to play a bigger role at the start of new product development (NPD) and strategic business decisions, according to experts in the sector.

FHIRST Living Soda is made without sugar or sweeteners and can boost gut health. Credit: FHIRST


Food and drink start-ups to watch

By William Dodds

Food Manufacture takes a closer look at start-ups specialising in cultivated meat, gut health and reduced sugar products as they seek to address emerging trends.

New launches from drinks manufacturers


New product development in drinks

By Gwen Ridler

A new summer cider launch from Sheppy’s and a blend of classic sweets with sports nutrition lead this round-up of recent drinks NPD.

Local innovation hubs are key to driving R&D in the food industry, claims according to AberInnovation.


Future of food R&D lies in local hubs of excellence

By Gwen Ridler

Creating local hubs to promote collaboration between industry experts, stakeholders and Government is key for the future of research and development (R&D) within the food and drink sector, according to AberInnovation.

Food and drink brands are getting creative. Credit: Getty / Urupong


F&B investing more in NPD and outsourcing

By Bethan Grylls

Despite headwinds, food and beverage brands are spending more in new production development and contract manufacturing, and keen to embrace automation to relieve stress following historic global supply chain challenges.

Check out the latest plant-based NPD


Plant-based product launches for Veganuary 2023

By Gwen Ridler

As the plant-based community celebrates another Veganuary, we take a look at some of the new launches from the sector in this round-up of plant-based new product development.

Nimisha Raja pictured (centre) at the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards


Winning at FMEAs and how it helped boost business

By Bethan Grylls

With the Food Manufacturing Awards nearing, Food Manufacture caught up with one of our previous winners to find out more about their story, how their business is faring and what impact the awards had...

We check out 7 trends on the floor at Food Ingredients Europe 2022

Food Ingredients Europe 2022: 7 things we learnt

By Gwen Ridler

Food Ingredients Europe 2022 brought together innovators from across the food and drink industry to discuss the future of ingredients and the key issues affecting the sector. Here are seven of Food Manufacture’s key takeaways from the event.

The new innovation centre will be where they invent the foods of the future

Kellogg’s launches new food innovation centre

By Michelle Perrett

Cereal manufacturer Kellogg’s has invested more than half a million pounds to open a food innovation centre based at its Trafford Park factory in Manchester.

The latest food and drink product launches

Latest product launches in food and drink

By Gwen Ridler

From HFSS-compliant marshmallows to gastropub dining at home, Food Manufacture looks at some of the latest food and drink product launches.

The push of non-HFSS foods has changed the course of flavour innovation

Flavours feature

Saving the flavour: Achieving great taste in the wake of non-HFSS push

By Michelle Perrett

As the Government push for non-HFSS products and the consumer demand for healthier lifestyles in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic brings new challenges for food manufacturers, how can they meet these demands while offering products that still have a...

We cover some of the latest plant-based product launches from food and drink firms

Plant-based product launches: Round-up

By Gwen Ridler

From vegan cheese dips to seaweed crisps, we cover some of the latest plant-based food and drink launches from manufacturers in this round-up.

Blends has the capacity to process 140 million cans a year

Contract manufacturing profile: Blends Flavours & Colours

Blends Flavours & Colours dramatically boosts canning potential

By Andrew Richardson

Blends Flavours & Colours has invested in significantly growing its canning capabilities as it moves away from plastic in response to its customers' needs, explains factory manager Andrew Richardson.

Healthy indulgence continues to be a buzz-phrase in bakery

Digital feature: long read

Bakery & confectionery trends 2022

By Alyson Magee

Pressure to make products healthier for shoppers may have temporarily eased as prices have soared, but that doesn't mean processors are easing off reformulation or innovation, says Alyson Magee.

What are the latest NPD launches?

The latest food and drink product launches

By Michelle Perrett

Welsh cheese crisps, dairy-free yogurt for kids, functional tea, and a range of ice creams all feature in this recent round-up of product launches.

Plant-based tacos are taking off, says ingredients supplier Beneo. Image: Toos Vergote

Digital plant-based feature: long read

Plant-based food trends 2022

By Lynda Searby

Plant-based innovation has long since expanded beyond the world of meat analogue products and exploded into every retail category, supported behind the scenes by ingredients suppliers.

Noochy Poochy is made using Nooch - nutritional yeast - to give it  a cheese-like flavour

Vegan pet food in focus: Noochy Poochy interview

By Gwen Ridler

In this exclusive podcast interview, vegan dog food brand Noochy Poochy founder McKinna details the journey of her company, from idea to fully realised product, and the challenges that she met along the way.

The conference will tackle fat, salt and sugar reduction as well as a host of other issues

Virtual Reformulation conference: one month to go

By Rod Addy

Some of the UK's foremost experts on food and drink reformulation will offer essential insight and guidance on vital topics at Food Manufacture's virtual conference Reformulation: What Next? from 29-30 March.

Restaurants need to evolve their plant-based offer beyond the burger, Quorn argues

Top plant-based restaurant trends outlined by Quorn

By Rod Addy

Top plant-based restaurant trends have been highlighted by Quorn in a survey of 2,000 consumers and while the burger remains the favourite menu choice, restaurants should expand their repertoire the meat-free manufacturer argues.


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