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Why alginate has become the sausage casing of the future

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Why alginate has become the sausage casing of the future

With several points in its favour, including lower costs and greater sustainability, alginate casing is becoming a serious contender in the sausage manufacturing market, as both the gel and the technology to process it have come on in leaps and bounds,...

How equipment and process innovation can boost sustainability

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How equipment and process innovation can boost sustainability

With sustainability high on the consumer agenda, food and drink manufacturers are seeking multiple ways to reduce the plastic content in their packaging, often focusing on the end-product. However, innovating their equipment and processes could yield...

Automation to save waste in food packaging

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How can automation save waste in food packaging applications?

Reduction of waste in food production and packaging directly affects profitability and can enhance a company’s reputation through green credentials and certification. But what steps can be taken in a packaging automation project to eliminate or minimise...

Pea protein can improve texture, emulsification and juiciness in meat alternative products

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Plant-based 3.0: Solutions for a cold cut above the rest

With plant-based meat alternatives growing apace, Cargill examines the production challenges and the opportunity in cold cuts – and offers guidance on how suppliers can achieve plant-based success

Baked goods: understanding consumer attitudes in 2021

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Understanding consumer attitudes towards baked goods in 2021

Understanding key macro trends in the global marketplace today along with higher-level human tensions is the first step to ensuring a sustainable future for your individual business. ADM looks at the challenges and bakery solutions to give your business...

The influence of spray injection on meat products

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The influence of spray injection on meat products

With heightened consumer concern over the ingredients in food and drink products, how can meat producers – and bacon suppliers in particular – ensure their curing process results in a ‘clean label’ claim on the end-product?

Vegan food products: how to manufacture safely

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Vegan food production: avoiding the potential pitfalls

With Veganuary once again placing veganism in the spotlight, RSSL outlines the challenges facing manufacturers wanting to embrace this booming sector of the market by developing a vegan food product

An alternative to plastic packaging - food for thought

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An alternative to plastic packaging - food for thought

A growing demand for safe, sustainable, plastic-free and recyclable packaging alternatives to serve and store food is resulting in some innovative approaches. Metsä Board technical services director Matt Terry looks at the challenges and opportunities...

Automating the end-of-line for a complete package

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Automate end-of-line processes for the complete package

While many processes in food and drink production have already been automated, processors can achieve even greater efficiency, safety and productivity by completing the cycle, argues Interfood

Alginate-cased sausages on Handtmann's Conpro 300

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Keeping up to speed on plant-based foods

The rapid evolution of plant-based foods has challenged manufacturers – and their equipment suppliers – to adapt, sometimes with surprising outcomes, as Handtmann’s Paul Morican explains

Sage X3 offered by Datel

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How IT can become the backbone of your business

Given current challenges, investment in IT might be way down the list of food and drink firms’ priorities, but this could allow tech-savvy competitors to gain an edge. Food Manufacture’s Ellie Woollven discusses the issue with Datel’s Paolo Arcangelo

Grains on a conveyor

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Is your business recall ready?

Food and drink recalls can cost a manufacturer dearly – both financially and in terms of reputational damage. We identify some of the main factors contributing to a recall and the best approach to defend your business successfully against such incidents