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Unilever posts sales growth amid its restructuring plans

Unilever posts growth amid restructuring plans

By James Ridler

Unilever has posted sales growth for the third quarter of this year, boosted by a strong performance in emerging markets, amid plans to restructure the business.

More should be done to boost the micronutrient content of plants, says professor Christine Williams

Plant-based diets ‘can be healthier and greener’

By Rick Pendrous

Plant-based diets were “probably” healthier and more sustainable for the planet, but further research was needed to confirm initial indications, an eminent nutrition scientist has claimed.

Döhler believes wine-flavoured ciders will soon be hitting the UK market

Hop and wine flavours are the next big thing for cider

By Paul Gander

Hop and wine flavours look set to become the new major trend in the UK cider market, following developments already seen in other countries, according to an ingredients supplier to the sector.

Sonny Perdue pictured with his boss US President Donald Trump


US farm boss says US/UK ‘in dating phase’ over trade

By Mike Stones

The US and the UK are currently in “the dating phase” over agreeing a trade deal, which should not take long, US agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue has exclusively told the Food Manufacture Group.