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Who will take home the Innovation Award at the FMEAs 2024?


Meet the finalists for Food Manufacture’s Innovation Award

By Bethan Grylls

Seven companies are in the running for our new innovation award, with the winner to be revealed at next year’s glamourous ceremony. Here’s more about the line-up and their incredible industry innovations…

Are robots ready to pick up the slack on food production lines, or is the tech still out of reach?


Robots get to grips with food processing

By Chris Froud

Are food manufacturers ready for fully automated production lines and can robots be the solution to making this a reality? Chris Froud, partner and patent attorney specialising in robotics and automation at European Intellectual Property Firm Withers...

Cranswick, Morrisons, Nando's and Oakland Farms have partnered with fera Science to research insect biomass on its potential for improving sustainability in supply chains. Image: Getty, Jaka Suryanta


Fera Science leads research into insect biomass

By Gwen Ridler

New research into insect biomass could help reduce producers’ reliance on soybeans for animal feed and help improve sustainability in the food supply chain, according to Fera Science.

This year's Food Safety Briefing covered a wide range of areas from data sharing to greenwashing to hygienic design. Credit: Getty/VectorMine

Short read

What’s happening in UK food safety?

By Bethan Grylls

In a recent webinar, Food Manufacture brought together four leaders from industry to discuss the latest tools and systems emerging to help mitigate against our biggest food safety challenges. Here’s the highlights…

Yeast and enzymes play pivital roles in the development of new food products and the understanding of the gut microbiome


Enzymes and yeast: More than just raising dough

By Gwen Ridler

Yeast has been a powerhouse of food production for millennia, but new developments in fermentation technology have seen the ingredient elevated to do more than just raise our bread and brew beer.

Don't miss this year's Food Safety Briefing. Credit: Getty/MiguelMalo


Don’t miss our 2023 Food Safety Briefing

By Bethan Grylls

This year’s Food Safety Briefing theme is science and data – with four special guest experts from Mars Global Food Safety Center, the Food Standards Agency, Unibloc, and Imprint Analytics joining us to share their knowledge.

Food manufacturers could soon call on 3D printing services to quickly replace broken parts. Image: Addition Design


3D printed parts soon available for food factories

By Gwen Ridler

Food manufacturers could soon be able to embrace on demand 3D printing to replace broken parts on the production line, thanks to new technology developed by industrial 3D printing firm Addition Design.

From p[lant-based to sugar replacement, we observe some of the biggerst trends for the year so far


Mid point trends: Developments and innovation in food and drink

By Gwen Ridler

From the continued growth of the plant-based meat alternatives in a sea of administrations, to the latest innovations in coffee flavours and everything in between, we explore some of the need-to-know trends in the food and drink manufacturing industry....

How can you be sure you are getting the blend you have approved? Credit: Getty/Giovanni Magdalinos

Food Forensics

Do you know if your wine is real?

By Alison Johnson

Wine fraud has been reported as far back as Ancient Rome and continues to be a major obstacle in the industry today. So how can you ensure yours is genuine?

Pictured: professor Chris Chuck, technical lead at the tech firmand the University of Bath  Credit:Laurie Lapworth, University of Bath


Clean Food Group partnership to support factory creation

By Gwen Ridler

UK-based food tech business Clean Food Group (CFG) has partnered Latin American food giant Alianza Team to help support its continued development of sustainable oils and fats and the creation of a new factory.

A new method for identifying and measuring wheat flour contamination has been developed by US researchers. Credit: Getty/Stephen Barnes


Breakthrough discovery in gluten-free detection

By Bethan Grylls

Researchers have developed a new “highly effective” method for identifying and measuring wheat flour contamination, which could be a game-changer in gluten-free food safety.

The Vegetarian Butcher is one of Unilever's alternative protein brands. Credit: Unilever

Long read

How Unilever is harnessing AI to create better food

By William Dodds

Chief R&D officer at Unilever’s Nutrition Business Group Carla Hilhorst tells Food Manufacture how the brand is using AI to transform the way new products are conceived.

Theo Mizzi discusses handling and transit issues in the food and drink supply chain. Image credit: Getty/B4LLS


Handling and storage challenges in the food supply chain

By Theo Mizzi

Theo Mizzi, project manager at Inverto UK, discusses handling and storage challenges in the food and drink supply chain and how artificial intelligence can play a role in maintaining integrity during transit.

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