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Barcodes have been laser-etched into Tesco's extra-large avocados. Image: Tesco


Laser-etched labels trialled on Tesco avocado range

By Gwen Ridler

Supermarket giant Tesco is trialling the use of laser-etched labels on its extra-large avocado range as part of plans to reduce plastic and the environmental impact of the line.

Christine Tacon is to step down as Red Tractor chair


Tacon to step down as Red Tractor chair

By Gwen Ridler

Christine Tacon is to step down as Red Tractor chair to avoid a potential conflict of interest related to her recent appointment to the board of retailer The Co-op.

Glenrath Farms, The Happy Egg Co and Bumble Hole Foods respond to Animal Justice Project's recent investigation. Image: Getty


Suppliers respond to egg industry investigation

By Gwen Ridler

Suppliers implicated in a recent undercover investigation that claimed to have found sick, dying and dead hens in RSPCA assured farms have hit out at the accusations levelled at their businesses.

Godminster Organic Farm in Bruton, Somerset, is among the UK farms involved and supplies Ocado with White’s Organic Jumbo Oats via White’s and Godminster organic cheese


UK farm project to show intensive farmers another way

By Bethan Grylls

Five UK farms are setting themselves up to be the gold standard in environmentally-friendly farming after research revealed that the deterioration of the UK’s natural environment could lead to an estimated 12% loss to GDP.

A 'washout winter' has threatened UK food security. Image: Getty, ChuckSchugPhotography


Extreme weather threatens UK food security

By Gwen Ridler

The price of bread, beer and biscuits are at risk of rising after a ‘washout winter’ ravaged key crops in the UK, according to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).

The Wytham-based farm teamed up with Agricarbon to measure the impact of its transition to regenerative farming

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Regenerative grazing for carbon sequestration

By Olivia Cooper

Baseline measurements of soil sequestered carbon are enabling one commercial research farm to quantify the impact of its transition to a regenerative grazing system.

'Forever checmicals' appear in more than half of UK food, claims PAN UK. Image: Getty, Simonkr


‘Forever chemicals’ found in popular UK fresh produce

By Gwen Ridler

Commonly eaten fresh fruit and vegetables in the UK contain PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) pesticides linked to a range of serious health problems, according to the Pesticide Action Network (PAN).

Lawyer Mark Jones predicts what will happen this year following farming protests in the UK. Credit: Getty/NLshop

Legal Brief


By Mark Jones

With tractor strikes in the streets, does UK fresh produce matter to the UK Government? Mark Jones, food and drink lawyer and partner at law firm, Gordons LLP, explores.

Naomi Ikeda, R&D tax incentives senior manager at Ayming, explores key funding opportunities for British agri-food companies. Credit: Getty/andreswd

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Financing the future of food

By Naomi Ikeda

The UK relies on its agri-food sector to feed the nation, but the sector is currently choking on a concerning combination of geopolitical and environmental hazards. British businesses must keep close to new and so far, underutilised, opportunities.

The site was formerly an Amazon warehouse. Credit: Sysco


Sysco investing $100m in new UK depot

By William Dodds

Foodservice wholesaler Sysco has announced plans to invest $100m (£79m) in a new depot to serve London and South East England.

Beef, carrots and salad crops among the foods that could see higher price tags attached. Credit: Getty/LauriPatterson

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5 foods affected by supply shocks

By Bethan Grylls

While inflation may be easing, the supply chain remains sensitive to shocks, with several food commodities likely to see continued shortages and higher prices than the years before the permacrisis era.

Every single banana bought at Sainsbury’s will now contribute towards paying thousands of workers a fairer wage


Sainsbury’s paying premium for bananas

By Bethan Grylls

The supermarket has invested in living wages for workers of its best-selling fruit – the banana – three years ahead of a wider industry commitment.

McCain Foods publishes Global Sustainability Report 2023


McCain Foods on track to hit 100% regeneratively farmed potatoes

By Bethan Grylls

McCain Foods has set its intentions to implement regenerative agriculture practices across 100% of the global acreage that grows potatoes for its products by the end of the decade, with details of its progress outlined in its new global sustainability...

Lack of investment and mismanagement by the Government has left the horticulture sector at the brink in a bad shape. Image: Getty, Justin Paget


State of UK Horticulture threatens the country’s food security

By Gwen Ridler

A lack of investment and unappreciation of the UK’s horticulture industry has placed British growing at a crossroads and left holes in the UK’s food security, according to a new report from the House of Lords Horticultural Sector Committee.

Yeast and enzymes play pivital roles in the development of new food products and the understanding of the gut microbiome


Enzymes and yeast: More than just raising dough

By Gwen Ridler

Yeast has been a powerhouse of food production for millennia, but new developments in fermentation technology have seen the ingredient elevated to do more than just raise our bread and brew beer.

Independent drinks brand Flawsome! tells its start-up story. Credit: Getty/andresr


Life as a start-up

By Bethan Grylls

In this exclusive Q&A, the founders of ‘wonky’ drink company Flawsome! disclose the ups and downs of their journey, how it all began and what’s next.

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