Huw Irranca-Davies: food manufacturers should share research results

Labour Party Conference

Food manufacturers should share research: Shadow DEFRA minister

By Gary Scattergood

The food and drink industry received its fair share of attention - and plaudits - at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester this week. It was held up as rare success story in tricky economic times by shadow secretary of state for the Department for...

Jim Bergin: Sustainability makes good business sense

Food manufacturing: who pays for sustainability?

By Lorraine Mullaney

As sustainability continues to rise up the corporate agenda, Ireland has ambitious plans to become a world-leader in the production of sustainable food through its Origin Green initiative.

Paul Wilkinson: how does your food business measure up against his checklist?

Five top tips for success: food manufacturing guru

By Mike Stones

“View customers and politicians as the enemy,” is one of five controversial top tips for food business success, set out by a veteran business guru and chairman of the national skills academy.

Reviewing transport plans could help minimise Olympic disruption

Last minute plans cut Olympic disruption

By Mike Stones

As hundreds of thousands of visitors make final preparations to attend the Olympics next month, food and drink manufacturers should review their transport plans in order to avoid disruption in London and at other Olympic venues, advises logistics firm...

Dr Andrew Wadge highlighted the role of new technologies in combatting campylobacter food poisoning

FSA chief scientist's hi-tech answers to campylobacter

By Rick Pendrous

Dr Andrew Wadge, the Food Standards Agency’s chief scientist, explains why new technologies, such as lactic acid antibacterial washes during chicken processing operations, should be used to reduce the 403,000 cases of campylobacter food poisoning in the...

Tasting savings:environmental projects have helped Kelly’s of Cornwall save £200,000

Kelly’s saves £200,000 through green schemes

By Rod Addy

Kelly’s of Cornwall has nailed £200,000 worth of savings in two years from environmental projects ranging from reduction in water use to more efficient effluent treatment.

Welcome to his world: Social media allows Jones to connect with his consumers

How food manufacturers make Facebook and Twitter pay

By Mike Stones

Social media-savvy food manufacturers use Facebook and Twitter to forge links with customers that boosts sales in ways that large firms cannot, claims Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, founder of the Black Farmer brand.

Passion and planning ability are Levi Roots' two key ingredients for launching a career as a food entrepreneur

Levi Roots: how to be a food entrepreneur

By Mike Stones

Passion and planning ability are the two key qualities for launching a career as a successful food entrepreneur, according to Caribbean food guru Levi Roots.

Robots and hygenic design were the twin themes at Anuga FoodTec

Robots and hygenic design dominate Anuga FoodTec show

By Mike Stones

Robots intended for use in food processing and hygenic design were top trends at the trade event Anuga FoodTec, staged in Cologne, Germany last week, according to the show organisers. In this podcast, Professor Herbert Buckenhuskes, from one of the organisers...

Calling all shoppers: Birds Eye Iglo boss Martin Glenn plans to lead a frozen food revival to revitalise the market

Birds Eye boss leads frozen fightback

By Rod Addy

Frozen food has lacked strong branded leadership, but could become more successful by focusing on its strengths with the addition of significant marketing investment, according to Birds Eye Iglo boss Martin Glenn.

Antony Worrall Thompson presented the trophy for the best Free-From Food Award to 2011 to Claire Marriage of Doves Farm

Free-from food firms realise sector's potential

By Rod Addy

Free-from food manufacturers are increasingly waking up to the sector’s potential, according to Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, author of the Foods Matter website and founder of the Free-From Food Awards.

James Arnold: determined to keep the firm growing despite international market pressures

Sleaford Quality Foods battles global supply chain

By Rod Dawson

Sleaford Quality Foods is overcoming tough challenges in the global supply chain as it seeks to source and process dried and dehydrated foods for foodservice customers and other manufacturers.

Apprentices can make a valuable contribution in helping SMEs such as Butt Foods bring new products to market. For more about our Skills Seminar and to secure your free place, contact Hannah Rosevear on 01293 610431 or email Hannah.Rosevear@wrbm.com

Food and drink firms misunderstand apprentices

By Mike Stones

The role of apprentices in food and drink firms – particularly small- to medium-sized enterprises – is much misunderstood, David Williams, md of speciality baker Butt Foods told FoodManufacture.co.uk.

Chilled food producers face a bright future - provided they can meet the challenges of overcapacity and pension liabilities, said Eaton

Geoff Eaton sets out chilled food challenges

By Rod Addy

Chilled food processors must remedy overcapacity and meet financial challenges, such as pension deficits, to realise the sector’s potential, according to Geoff Eaton, former chief executive of chilled firm Uniq.

Poole highlighted the need to attract a new generation of young talent. To find out more about plans to plug the skills gap, book your free place at our half-day seminar on Monday March 26 at the NEC Birmingham. Telephone 01293 610433 for more information

Wanted: Young talent to work in food manufacturing

By Mike Stones

Food and drink manufacturers need urgently to attract a new generation of fresh talent, Jon Poole, chief executive of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) told FoodManufacture.co.uk. In this podcast, recorded at Food Manufacture's...

Cedric Porter: praised the value of partnerships

Food firms should strengthen supply chain

By Mike Stones

Food and drink manufacturers should stengthen partnerhships throughout the supply chain, the chair of the Oxford Farming Conference told FoodManufacture.co.uk.

Besmoke is building a strong base in smoked ingredients

Besmoke fans flames of growth

By Rod Addy

EU smoked flavourings regulations are driving swift growth at Sussex-based smoked food firm Besmoke.

20% food industry growth by 2020 is 'realistic'

20% food industry growth by 2020 is 'realistic'

By Mike Stones

Achieving the Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF) target growth of 20% by 2020 is “entirely realistic”, the organisation’s communications director Terry Jones told FoodManufacture.co.uk.

Supercharged croissants: Frutarom hopes to kick-start breakfast by adding natural flavours and extracts to bakery goods

Frutarom offers bakers herbal energy boosters

By Rod Addy

Energizing croissants to kick-start the day are just one product Frutarom could help bakeries develop thanks to a range of bakery compounds derived from herbal extracts it has just launched.

FIE celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary this year with a strong presence from China

China is key theme at FIE food show

By Rod Addy

One of the food industry’s biggest trade shows, Food Ingredients Europe, opened its doors in Paris last week with a strong presence from China.

Fourayes aims to grow fruit purée profile

Fourayes aims to grow fruit purée profile

By Rod Addy

Fruit purée processor Fourayes is looking into expanding its product portfolio, leaving no stone unturned in its quest to keep on top of market trends, drive up sales and offset cash flow fears, md Phil Acock told Rod Addy.

Fruit purée processor Fourayes wants to expand its product portfolio

Fourayes to grow fruit purée portfolio

By Rod Addy

Fruit purée processor Fourayes wants to expand its product portfolio, leaving no stone unturned in its quest to keep on top of market trends, drive up sales and offset cash flow fears, md Phil Acock told Rod Addy in this exclusive podcast.

Allied Bakeries boss reveals what it takes to be leader of the pack

Allied Bakeries boss reveals what it takes to be leader of the pack

By Mike Stones

Allied Bakeries operations director, Nick Law, tells FoodManufacture.co.uk what makes a good manager. In an age of skills shortages, Law tells Mike Stones that the company looks for leaders, who drive staff to achieve more at a higher level collectively...

Organics: 10 reasons to be cheerful...

Organics: 10 reasons to be cheerful...

It's been a challenging couple of years for the organic sector, with sharp declines in sales in many areas and a contraction in shelf space as supermarkets have weeded out their slowest sellers.

Pulsed light can have a lethal effect on micro-organisms

It's pasteurisation Jim, but not as we know it...

The next generation of novel processing technologies from pulsed electric fields to ozone processing could prove to be far more promising than the first as scientists tackle the issues that have historically them back, Campden BRI's Craig Leadley...

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