Robotics and digital technologies will be transformational for the sector

Food and drink sectors face a ‘perfect technological storm’

By Rick Pendrous

The “perfect storm of societal and technological development” facing the food and beverage industry was under discussion last month in Houston, Texas, at a show organised for the customers of automation and robotics specialist ABB.

New robotics research aims to replace labour-intensive industrial food preparation operations

Robotics in food manufacture gets government boost

By Rick Pendrous

A new £448,850 government-funded research project has been launched to promote the use of robotics in food manufacturing, which hopes to replace labour-intensive industrial food preparation operations.

Robotics will create more skilled food industry jobs, claims the FDF

Robots will create rather than destroy food jobs

By Matt Atherton

Robotics and automation will create more skilled jobs in the future, despite a report claiming 46% of manufacturing workers were at “high risk” from automation’s introduction by the early 2030s, said the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

The 20% sugar reduction target to cut obesity is unlikely to be met

Manufacturers face shaming over sugar targets

By Noli Dinkovski

Food and drink manufacturers that do not meet the government’s 20% sugar reduction target in products by 2020 could be named and shamed, a leading figure at the Department of Health (DH) has suggested.

Food Manufacture's Business Leaders' Forum had four key sponsors

Business Leaders' Forum

Food firms are optimistic despite sector challenges

By Matt Atherton

The Business Leaders’ Forum – organised by the Food Manufacture Group – showcased the optimism in the food and drink sector, despite Brexit and international challenges, according to sponsor DWF, but raised more questions than answers, said Charpak, another...

More than 4,000 students learned about food and manufacturing opportunities, claimed Nestlé

Nestlé supports 4,557 students in STEM subjects

By James Ridler

Nestlé has helped more than 4,000 young people gain insight into food and drink manufacturing industry careers through science, technical, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, according to Nestlé UK & Ireland’s Social Impact Report released this...

Dominic Watkins said labour had to be the starting point for discussions on food and drink manufacturing challenges

Business Leaders' Forum

Food industry labour and regulations are top challenges

By Michael Stones

Securing the food and drink industry’s labour needs and responding to the challenges of new legislation are among the top challenges facing manufacturers, according to law firm DWF.

Skills development features in the prime minister’s new industrial strategy

PM’s industrial strategy ‘a landmark opportunity’

By Michael Stones

The long-awaited new industrial strategy, due to be unveiled by Prime Minister Theresa May today, is “a landmark opportunity” to plan business in post-Brexit Britain, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).


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