Health and nutritional ingredients

Customers want to buy Graze products online and in-store, says ceo Anthony Fletcher

Graze ceo: ‘going from clicks to bricks isn’t easy’

By Nicholas Robinson

Graze, the £68M turnover online snack manufacturer, had to make big changes to its manufacturing and operating systems after gaining listings with Sainsbury and Boots, its ceo Anthony Fletcher has said.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents thought the overweight should pay more

Poll: Obese should pay more towards NHS

By Nicholas Robinson

The cost of combating Britain’s obesity crises should not be footed by the taxpayer and consumers who overindulge should instead pay more towards the National Health Service (NHS).

First protein bakery to open in the UK

‘First UK protein bakery’ announced

By Nicholas Robinson

The Protein Works will pump a significant amount of money into a new 1,858m² protein-focused bakery facility in Cheshire, it announced.

Up to 50% of muscle mass is lost between the ages of 40 and 80

Sarcopenia must be tackled

By Nicholas Robinson

More research into combating the muscle-wasting disease sarcopenia in the elderly must be a priority if health among the ageing is to be boosted, leading scientists have urged.

Skin luminosity and overall appearance improved in eight weeks

Improve skin appearance

By Nicholas Robinson

Skin radiance in women can be improved if Activ’ Inside’s SkinAx product is taken for up eight weeks, the supplement's manufacturer claims, following a clinical study.

The power of broccoli is getting stronger

Broccoli’s superpowers are growing stronger

By Nicholas Robinson

Broccoli’s ‘superfood’ status has been elevated, following findings from the Institute of Food Research (IFR) claiming a new variety could reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Premier Foods is seeing investment in its core brands pay off

Premier Foods plans more innovation

By Rod Addy

Premier Foods is stepping up innovation plans, after seeing gains from initial steps in the past year, ceo Gavin Darby claimed as he reported on full-year results at an analyst meeting.

Peanut allergies: anaphylactic shock can be life-threatening

Self-diagnosed intolerance may harm clinical allergy sufferers

By Rick Pendrous

The explosive growth in people “self-diagnosed” as suffering from food intolerances and those avoiding certain nutrients, such as gluten and dairy, for lifestyle reasons could be harmful, the head of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, which represents those with...

Consumers are more trusting of store cupboard ingredients

Clean-labels: a dirty game?

By Lynda Searby

The industry's drive to make food and drink labels easier for consumers to read has been attacked in a recently published book. Lynda Searby finds out how the sector has responded to the latest criticism

Free-from food manufacturers had to build brand loyalty, said Varjonen

Vitafoods 2015

Top four tips to succeed with free-from

By Nicholas Robinson

Free-from food and drink manufacturers must defend themselves against fickle consumers if their brands are to remain successful in one of the fastest growing markets, experts have urged. 

Glanbia Nutritionals' gluten-free oat milling facility was launched last year in Ireland

Vitafoods 2015

Glanbia Nutritionals announces second ancient grain investment

By Nicholas Robinson

Global food ingredients giant Glanbia Nutritionals is preparing to make a further investment in its recently opened multi-million pound oat milling facility to boost its presence in the ancient grains market. 

There is hope for gut health

All eyes on gut health

By Michelle Knott

There is a glimmer of hope for Europe’s probiotics sector, Michelle Knott reports on developments

Food and drink start-ups need better government backing


What start-ups need from a new UK government

By Nicholas Robinson

More financial support must be given to food and drink start-ups by the next UK government if they are to survive their first year in business, Miso Tasty founder Bonnie Chung has urged.

14,000 visitors are expected at Vitafoods

Vitafoods 2015

Perfect ingredients for a show

By Nicholas Robinson

Explosive growth in the food and drink ingredients sector will boost its overall value to €59bn by 2018. Nicholas Robinson finds out how companies at Vitafoods are responding to the predicted uptick

Food & Drink Innovation Network

Tomorrow’s new product development in focus

By Rick Pendrous

The latest thinking in food and drink new product development (NPD) will be featured in seminar called ‘Breakthrough Innovation’ taking place in London on April 14.

The next government must do more to improve Britain’s poor dietary habits: UK Coronary Prevention Group

Nutrient profiling key to public health policies

By Rick Pendrous

The next UK government must do much more to tackle Britain’s poor dietary habits, according to the UK Coronary Prevention Group (UKCPG), a charity dedicated to preventing heart disease through healthy lifestyles.

New lecithin certification launched

New lecithin certification launched

A non-genetically modified (GM) certification system for sunflower lecithin destined for the food sector has been launched by Cert ID Europe.

Sprouted seed business rising

$250M sprouted seed industry set to rise

By Nicholas Robinson

Another ancient food has been given a makeover and is set to tap into consumers’ desire for ‘good carbs’ and healthier snacks, according to New Nutrition Business (NNB).

Memory loss and attention span can be improved with pine bark

Pine bark boosts brain health

By Nicholas Robinson

French maritime pine bark, which is also known as Pinus Pinaster, may help boost attention span, memory, decision making and overall cognitive function, a new study has claimed.

Alpro has doubled its drinks capacity at its Kettering site

Alpro’s £28.5M extension creates 50 jobs

By Laurence Gibbons

Plant-based food manufacturer Alpro has invested £28.5M in a new production facility at its existing Burton Latimer site, creating 50 new jobs.

Brennan said he aimed to turn Quorn into a $1bn brand in the next 10 years

WhiteWave eyes Quorn’s European potential

By Rod Addy

Quorn’s European potential has enticed WhiteWave Foods to consider acquiring the business, rather than its US credentials, according to one industry expert.

Chaucer Foods makes a range of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable inclusions

Chaucer Foods to create 25 jobs in Hull

By Rod Addy

Chaucer Foods aims to create 25 jobs in Hull as the company adds a third production line there and looks to expand into gluten-free bakery items by 2016.

FSA: 'Herbs and spices supply chains must be probed'

Almond contamination

Spice supply chains called into question

By Nicholas Robinson

Food firms must probe the security of their herb and spice supply chains following the discovery of almond contaminated products earlier this month.

Consumers will seek organic for food safety reassurance

Organic reassures consumers on safety

By Nicholas Robinson

Traceability schemes are being used by more food firms to ensure transparency at all stages of production, research and consultancy firm Organic Monitor has claimed.

Research indicates cocoa flavanols can improve brain health

Cocoa improves cognitive health

By Nicholas Robinson

Cocoa flavanols can play an important role in maintaining cognitive health in ageing consumers, a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has claimed.

Geo bars were an example of snack bars using raw ingredients, said Conlon

Expert outlines five healthy snack bar trends

By Rod Addy

Healthier children’s formats, natural and raw ingredients and mid-morning options are among the 2015 healthy snack bar trends picked out by Lizzie Conlon, food developer and nutritionist at Food Innovation Solutions. 

EFSA grants 13.5 health claim

Prebiotic fibre inulin health claim given

By Nicholas Robinson

Beneo has gained a 13.5 health claim for its prebiotic fibre inulin for improving the effect on bowel function by increasing stool frequency.

Nactis has completed the buyout of the €14M turnover firm

Seventh buyout for flavours firm

By Nicholas Robinson

Flavours and fragrances firm Nactis Flavours has completed its acquisition of the €14M turnover Belgian flavours and fragrances firm Robertet Savoury.

Growth rates in childhood obesity slowing - study

Sector not absolved by childhood obesity slowdown

By Nicholas Robinson

A slowdown in childhood obesity growth rates does not absolve the food and drink industry from blame, despite its efforts to reduce the fat, sugar and salt (FSS) content of its products, experts have said.

Safety of insects considered by new report

First EU edible insect food safety guide published

By Nicholas Robinson

Food safety guidelines for insects destined for human consumption have been created for the first time in response to their likelihood of becoming widely consumed in Europe.

Bingham and Jones are looking for solutions to future food problems now (Photo©Sacha Ferrier)

Business Leaders’ Forum

Bingham and Jones to launch insect ready meals

By Nicholas Robinson

Ready meal industry gurus Jonny Bingham and David Jones are developing their own brand of meals with a difference, following dozens of successful launches for other major firms.

Judy Buttriss, director general, British Nutrition Foundation

Call for action

By Judy Buttriss

November’s Rome Declaration on Nutrition committed to worldwide eradication of hunger and prevention of malnutrition in all its forms.

Power Chews have lower sucrose levels when palatinose is used

Lower blood sugar levels

By Nicholas Robinson

Beneo's new range of blood sugar-lowering ingredients can be used in food and drink and help contribute to a healthy lifestyle, it says.

Heinz's popularity in India could pave the way for other global brands to enter the market

Reformulate to enter emerging markets

By Nicholas Robinson

Heinz’s growing popularity in India should give other global food brands the inspiration to alter or develop products for emerging markets.

Patterson-Lett: 'S&T shouldn't scare consumers away'

Don't keep food S&T secrets from consumers

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers' lack of food science knowledge is stunting the impact a firm can have when launching new products, a consumer analyst has warned.

A new fermenter will boost Quorn's mycoprotein production by 60%

Quorn talks of fourth fermenter

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumer demand for Quorn will outstrip the Teesside firm’s supply within a decade, unless it continues to invest to boost capacity.

Gut bacteria manipulation plays a role

Achieve anxiety reduction

By Nicholas Robinson

Prebiotic intake has the ability to reduce anxiety in consumers, new research from the University of Oxford has claimed.

The UK could follow Italy's lead, if it is success in getting a 'generic descriptor' aproval for 'probiotic' yogurts

Probiotic term could reappear on yogurt in UK

By Rick Pendrous

The term ‘probiotic’ could make a re-appearance on pots of yogurt on sale in UK supermarkets, if Italy is successful in getting approval for its use as a ‘generic descriptor’.