Emulsifiers, stabilisers, hydrocolloids

Mona Schmitz-Hübsch: ‘The emphasis has shifted from what has been removed from products to what is going into them’


Clean-label: Adding more to the mix

By Lynda Searby

The concept of clean-label has moved beyond the removal of certain ‘nasties’ in products to the insertion of ingredients that enhance health... and even the way a product is produced.

The starch is suitable for processed meats, chicken nuggets and meat-containing ready meals

Potato-based starch offers boost to meat yields

By Noli Dinkovski

A new potato-based starch is able to improve the yields of “cost-sensitive” meat products by 10–20%, while remaining effective in food cooked at lower meat core temperatures, according to its maker.

Direct Food Ingredients directors (left to right) Steve Loake, Cath Hough and Brigg Simpson

70-strong ingredients range rolled-out

By Noli Dinkovski

A 70-strong branded range comprising products from most of the main ingredients groups is to be rolled out throughout the year by Direct Food Ingredients (DFI).

Here's your chance to star at the Venice-themed food and drink manufacturing Oscars


Food and drink manufacturing Oscars now open

By Rick Pendrous

The 2016 Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEAs) are now open for entries. So, if your company wants to be recognised for its achievements and join the celebrations at this year's Venice-themed event, you need to enter these prestigious awards.

Ulrick & Short: new emulsifiers will mean up to a day's additional shelf-life

Starches add to bread shelf-life

By John Wood

Two starches that are claimed to increase the shelf-life of loaves significantly and enhance the height and softness with no detriment to taste or texture, have been launched by clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short.

BPA is used in food and drink container coatings

Scientists rubbish BPA safety levels

By Nicholas Robinson

A European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health assessment of bisphenol A (BPA) has been rubbished by scientists in Denmark, who say consumers aren’t adequately protected.

An alternative to guar gum in baking

Bind dough without guar gum

Mühlenchemie has developed an alternative to guar gum powder that is designed to ensure optimum water binding, stability and freshness in bread baking.

Hydrocolloids are increasingly derived from natural souces

Top gum: pectin flies high

By Lynda Searby

Consumers' demand for food from natural sources is shaking up the gels, thickeners and emulsifiers market. Lynda Searby reports.

AAK Bakery Services supplies fats for the bakery and confectionery production

Oldham site threat as AAK reviews UK operations

By Ben Bouckley

40 jobs could be lost at AAK Bakery Services in Oldham in March 2012 after Swedish parent AarhusKarlshamn revealed it could close the business following a UK operational review.