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UK can become an ‘exporting superpower’,according to international trade secretary Liam Fox

UK holds potential to be an ‘exporting superpower’

By James Ridler

The UK has the potential to become an “exporting superpower”, according to international trade secretary Liam Fox, as he launches a new strategy to boost export opportunities for the country post-Brexit.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is to undergo a redesign to bring it in line with the classic variant

New design unveiled for Coca-Cola range

By Aidan Fortune

Coca-Cola Great Britain has revealed a new design for the Coca-Cola range, featuring new packaging for its Coca-Cola original and Coca-Cola zero sugar variants.

A change in culture could attract more women into engineering careers


A change in culture will attract women engineers

By Elena Rodriguez-Falcon

Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, acting chief executive and provost at NMiTE, talks about how a change in the culture of the UK manufacturing sector, including food and drink, could attract more women into the industry.

The meat industry is particularly reliant on migrant labour

Migrant labour system overhaul needed

By Aidan Fortune

The food and drink industry is at risk of a labour shortage if the current immigration system is not overhauled, a new report has found.

The small abattoir industry is under threat, according to an industry collective

Perfect storm hitting small abattoirs

By Aidan Fortune

The small abattoir industry is facing extermination with a third of small abattoirs having closed their doors over the past decade, with six closing over the past year.

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