Food manufacturers could face ‘severe’ consequences if Britons vote to leave the EU, warns a logistics provider

Brexit debate

Brexit could have ‘severe’ trade impact on food firms

By Michelle Perrett

Brexit could have “severe” consequences for food manufacturers that trade with EU countries, as they could face delivery delays and customs barriers, a logistics supplier has warned. 

Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe

Brexit debate

EU is ‘friend to food and drink’: Sir Stuart Rose

By Sir Stuart Rose

The EU is a friend to our food and drink industries. As former executive chairman of Marks & Spencer, I have experience of the benefits that our membership of the EU provide.

EU membership 'is vital' for the success of our food and drink sector: Sir Stuart Rose


EU ‘vital for food industry success’: Sir Stuart Rose

By Michael Stones

EU membership is “vital for the success” of the UK food and drink manufacturing sector, argues Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe and former executive chairman of Marks & Spencer.

Liz Truss urged food and drink business leaders to tell their staff about the benefits of EU membership

Brexit Debate

Firms ‘should tell staff about EU benefits’: Liz Truss

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturing business leaders should help their staff understand the business benefits of EU membership, ahead of the referendum on June 23, according to environment secretary Liz Truss.

Owen Paterson (left) and James Paice: opposite sides in Brexit debate

Brexit debate

Former Tory food ministers slug it out over Brexit

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s ability to develop genetically modified (GM) foods was a central theme of a debate on next month’s EU referendum between two former Tory food ministers yesterday (May 12) in London.

Smaller food and drink operators are more in favour of a Brexit than big manufacturers

Brexit debate

Brexit backed by more smaller food firms

By Rick Pendrous

Support for a Brexit in next month’s EU referendum is stronger among smaller food and drink operators, with many not expecting it to make a very big difference to their businesses, according to a new survey conducted by the publisher of this website.

Business leaders who back EU membership should be far more outspoken, said the FDF boss

Foodex 2016

Food leaders should ‘grow a pair’ over EU promotion

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturing leaders and other business executives who support EU membership have been urged to promote the benefits of membership far more actively, in hard-hitting comments from Food and Drink Federation (FDF) boss Ian Wright, delivered...

Brexit could spark a 'food industry crisis', warns the new report


Brexit could spark a ‘food factory crisis’

By John Wood

Leaving the EU could spark a “food factory crisis”, according to new research on the consequences of a British exit, or Brexit, from the EU, from the Food Research Collaboration (FRC).

The CBI has welcomed the Prime Minister's EU deal and promised to consult its members

Brexit Debate

Prime Minister’s EU deal welcomed by CBI

By Michael Stones

Business leaders’ organisation the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron’s EU deal – ahead of the EU referendum on June 23 –  and pledged to canvass members’ views on the merits of membership.

Food prices 'would not rise' after a vote to quit the EU


Food prices ‘will not be affected by Brexit’

By Rick Pendrous

Food prices in the UK would not go up, should voters choose to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum on membership, according to a leading agricultural economist, who claimed the implications of a Brexit were more political than economic.

The EU referendum could take place as early as this summer

Brexit and the food industry

Brexit: four key questions for the UK food industry

By Michael Stones

Answering four key questions will help the UK food and drink industry decide whether or not to vote in favour of quitting the EU, in a referendum, which chancellor George Osborne has described as “a once in a life-time opportunity”.

Welsh food products would be hit by Brexit, claims the FUW

Brexit and the food industry

Brexit: ‘dangerous step into unknown’, says union

By Michael Stones

Quitting the EU would be “a dangerous step into the unknown”, warned the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW), during a debate with Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones and the UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, organised by the Institute for Welsh Affairs.

EU membership: should we stay or should we go?

Oxford Farming Conference

Brexit could mean ‘heaven or hell’ for food industry

By Michael Stones

Quitting the EU could spell ‘heaven or hell’ for the UK food and farming industry, according to two sharply contrasting views presented by former environment secretary Owen Paterson and EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan at the Oxford Farming Conference.

New novel foods regulation is expected to speed product launches

Novel foods changes will speed launches

By Noli Dinkovski

The EU’s decision to streamline the way it regulates novel foods and ingredients has received broad support from the food industry.

Judy Buttriss, director general, British Nutrition Foundation

Novel foods set for EU overhaul

By Judy Buttriss

Novel foods and ingredients are defined as those that have not been sold in the EU to a significant degree prior to 1997, when the novel foods regulation was enacted, or have been subject to a novel production process resulting in significant change to...

Food and drink manufacturers 'want to remain in the EU', according to industry

Investment to stop until EU referendum – EEF

By Nicholas Robinson

Investment in manufacturing will cease if the prime minister does not hold a referendum on EU membership at the earliest opportunity, the manufacturers’ organisation EEF has said.

Should we stay or should we go? Food manufacturers want to be part of a strong EU, said the FDF

Food manufacturers ‘want to be part of strong EU’

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers “want to be part of a strong EU”, Ian Wright, Food and Drink Federation (FDF) director general has told this website, ahead of a key business leader’s speech tonight, which will urge bosses “to speak out early” in favour of...

David Cameron aims to reclaim the mantle of One-nation leadership

Election 2015

Food manufacturers mull Conservative victory

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers are pondering the impact of the Conservatives’ election success, as David Cameron prepares to form his second government as Prime Minister.

Please take part in our state-of-the-industry survey

Food firms asked to share views on industry's future

By Michael Stones

As the food and drink manufacturing sector considers the impact of the Conservatives’ election victory, the Food Manufacture Group invites you to share your views about the industry's future.

Tony Blair urged voters to 'think of the chaos' produced by the possibility of the UK quitting the EU

Election 2015

CBI bosses back Britain’s EU membership

By Michael Stones

Business bosses’ group the Confederation of British Industry has highlighted the key importance of EU membership to the UK economy, after former prime minister Tony Blair slammed David Cameron's pledge to hold a referendum on EU membership.

An EU membership vote would threaten the food industry, argue some commentators

Food industry could be ‘first hit’ by EU exit vote

By Michael Stones

The food and drink industry may be among the first sectors to be hit, if the UK votes to quit the EU in two years’ time and firms should start planning to minimise the disruption that may follow.

The UK could follow Italy's lead, if it is success in getting a 'generic descriptor' aproval for 'probiotic' yogurts

Probiotic term could reappear on yogurt in UK

By Rick Pendrous

The term ‘probiotic’ could make a re-appearance on pots of yogurt on sale in UK supermarkets, if Italy is successful in getting approval for its use as a ‘generic descriptor’.

The EU has banned horsemeat imports from Mexico, including from animals of US origin, on food safety fears

EU bans Mexican horsemeat imports on safety fears

By Michael Stones

The EU has banned horsemeat imports from Mexico, including meat from horses of US origin, after fears they may threaten food safety, according the Humane Society International (HSI).

Investment in dairy processing capacity is needed

Life after milk quotas

By Michelle Knott

While milk prices may be low now, in the future that could change dramatically as global demand outstrips supply, predicts Michelle Knott

McNamara hopes risk assessment software will be used by businesses

Food contact risk software sparks debate

By Paul Gander

How soon EU regulators and the supply chain start to take realistic exposure levels into account in assessing risk in food-contact packaging could depend on the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA’s) reception to new software.

The Eurozone is an 'unstated danger', warned Michael Portillo at Foodex


Eurozone threat, as food and drink exports rise

By Michael Stones

The Eurozone project to link the economies of 17 EU Member States will remain “a source of weakness and instability”, warns former cabinet minister Michael Portillo, as new export figures confirm European sales account for 75% of total food and drink...

Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation,

Yet more burdensome regulation from the EU

By Clare Cheney

From December 2014, under new EU labelling rules, allergens will have to be highlighted in the ingredients lists on food labels rather than in a separate box, which is common practice in the UK, but will no longer be permitted. For example, under the...

Food and non-alcoholic drink exports rose by 2.5% to £6.1bn, after a slow start in the first quarter

Food and drink exports pick up after slow start

By Mike Stones

Exports of British food and non-alcoholic drink rose by 2.5% to £6.1bn in the first half of 2013, after a slow start, revealed figures released today (September 23) by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Dairy manufacturers promised lower costing ingredients

Creamy yet clean-label, cost-effective starch

Ingredion's new functional native starch - Indulge 1720 - is a clean-label co-texturiser designed to enable dairy manufacturers to deliver thick and creamy - yet cost-effective - indulgent yogurt products.

Jones questioned whether food manufacturers were ensuring their eggs adhered to the Lion Code of Practice

UK egg market under threat from 12.5bn non-compliant eggs

By Laurence Gibbons

More than 12.5bn eggs – the equivalent of 625,000t of egg products – have been laid by hens kept in battery cages that were outlawed over a year ago, according to the British Lion Egg Processors (BLEP).

Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation

How might the UK gain from less food law?

By Clare Cheney

In November 2012, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) announced the start of a review of the impact of the EU on the UK or, in eurospeak, a 'review of the balance of competences' - a somewhat opaque term to which the voter in the street...

Could this be the end of the EU as we know it?

Could this be the end of the EU as we know it?

By Rick Pendrous

Will 2013 prove to be the pivotal year in which the UK's future as part of the EU tips against continued membership? Are we inexorably moving towards a referendum on staying in? And what would be the implications for our food and drink industry if...

ABF's operations will benefit from healthy pricing and cashflow

Delays in EU sugar regime reform are good news for ABF

By Rick Pendrous

Higher beet costs, adverse currency movements and weak prices in China are expected to hit Associated British Foods' (ABF's) profits from sugar in the current financial year. However, medium-term prospects for sugar look good, according to Shore...

The European Commission refused to comment on the Leveson report

Leveson: EC silent on media’s euro-coverage

By Mike Stones

The European Commission (EC) declined to comment on Lord Justice Leveson’s report into the culture, practice and ethics of the press yesterday (November 29), despite one of its officials claiming in the summer that the British media often misrepresented...

Doubtful future: Tate & Lyle's Silvertown in East London

Cane import restrictions threaten TLS Silvertown

By Freddie Dawson

Tate & Lyle Sugar (TLS) Silvertown refinery could be doomed and lose over 700 jobs because it cannot obtain sufficient raw cane sugar at a price that would make its future viable, claim informed sources.

Firms lament country of origin label burden

Firms lament country of origin label burden

By Rick Pendrous

Country of origin labelling (COOL) looks set to cause manufacturers serious headaches and extra cost burdens when the new rules start coming into force in 2014.

David Cameron has been urged to ban illegal egg imports

David Cameron urged to ban illegal egg imports

By Freddie Dawson

Prime Minister David Cameron has received a letter from the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) urging him to ban imports of illegally-produced battery cage eggs.

Exports to Turkey have risen due to falling live exports to France

EU beef prices boosted by Turkey exports

By Dan Colombini

An unexpected rise in demand from Turkey contributed to rising beef prices in the EU at the end of last year, according to financial services firm Rabobank.

 Illegal fishing threatens the viability of honest businesses that refuse to deal with criminals

Politicians ready to fillet fish cheats

By Graham Holter

Illegal fishing, which now accounts for 15% of world catches according to EU calculations, distorts the market for fish, and threatens the viability of honest businesses that refuse to deal with criminals, warned politicians.


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