Food Security

A new national food policy is needed to deal with current challenges, according to the City Food Lecture

City Food Lecture

Supply chains need to be shorter and simpler

By Rick Pendrous

The UK must shorten and reduce the complexity of its food supply chains if it hopes to ensure future food security and reduce the opportunities for fraud this presents, were key messages to emerge from this year’s City Food Lecture held in London last...

Rick Pendrous, Food Manufacture editor

Warning: our global diet is not sustainable

By Rick Pendrous

What with the UK's referendum on EU membership next month, the government's Childhood Obesity Strategy on the horizon and the National Living Wage now in place, the food and drink industry has a lot to think about. If all that wasn't enough,...

Sustainable intensification is the theme of the IFST Spring Conference next week

IFST conference

IFST conference focuses on sustainable intensification

By Michael Stones

Sustainable intensification will be the focus of attention at the Institute of Food Science & Technology’s (IFST’s) Spring Conference 2016 at te National Motorcycle Museum, West Midlands on Wednesday, April 20.

Britain's sustainable food future may be under threat from cuts to agritech

Agritech funding cuts will damage the food supply chain

By Rick Pendrous

The future of the UK’s agricultural technologies (agritech) strategy has been called into question after last year’s “savage cuts” in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ budget, which is likely to feed through into a reduction of its...

Food manufacturers should safeguard their supply chains against weather-related threats

More secure food chains needed to cope with drought and floods

By Lynda Searby

Food manufacturers need to make their supply chains more resilient to cope with the increased risk of weather-related production volatility, according to a new report produced by an independent food security research taskforce.

UK food self sufficiency is set to dwindle

Manufacturers back calls to lift UK food output

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers have backed calls from the National Farmers Union (NFU) to boost food production, after research showed the nation’s self-sufficiency is due to fall.

Elliott: 'We must produce food of greater quality'

£30M food research centre for Belfast underway

By Rod Addy

A £30M food research centre is being developed by Queen’s University, Belfast, as an extension to its existing Institute for Global Security, which is pioneering work on food security systems.

The Elliott review was prompted by the discovery of horse in beef products in 2013

Elliott Review

Speed and cash crucial to food fraud strategy

By Rod Addy

The Elliott Review may count for little in preventing a similar scandal to ‘horsegate’ unless its proposals are implemented swiftly and funded properly, according to experts.

Register your vote to decide who will crowned Food manufacturing Personality of the Year

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards

FMEA Personality of the Year - the nominees

By Rick Pendrous

The six candidates below have been shortlisted by the Food Manufacture Group editorial team for the Personality of the Year Award. Now it’s up to you. Who do you think has done most over the past year, either to raise the profile of the food and drink...

Research by small farm businesses could help boost crop yields

Farmer-led R&D crucial for sustainable food supply

By Rod Addy

Global agricultural yields are dropping and more farmer-focused research is urgently needed to strengthen sustainable food supply, according to an article published in Nature magazine.

Judy Buttriss, director general, British Nutritional Foundation

Sustainable messages from the BNF

By Judy Buttriss

As the global population continues to rise, identifying means to feed current and future generations sustainably becomes ever more pressing.

The government is likely to accept the recommendations of the Elliott review, said its author

Government will take my advice: Professor Elliott

By Rick Pendrous

The government is likely to accept the recommendations from an independent inquiry into last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, according to Professor Chris Elliott who conducted it and published his interim findings last December.

Lack of investment threatens the UK's leading position in plant science, warns a new report published today

UK plant science in crisis because of skills shortages

By Rick Pendrous

The UK’s world leading position in plant science is in jeopardy from funding shortages and a lack of stable investment in essential skills, a new report from the UK Plant Sciences Federation (UKPSF) released yesterday [January 28] warns.

The French authorities made 21 arrests earlier this week, as part of investigations into a new horsemeat scandal

Fresh horsemeat scandal hits France

By Michael Stones

Global pharmaceutical firm Sanofi has said it was the victim of fraud, after French police raided its offices in France and arrested 21 people elsewhere, during investigations into claims that horsemeat used to develop medicines was sold illegally for...

The need for GM crops will be hotly contested as MPs investigate food security

Food security to be investigated by MPs

By Rick Pendrous

The need for genetic modification (GM) is set to be hotly contested, as the House of Commons (HoC) Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee begins a new inquiry into food security.

In the UK and US, most food waste occurs in foodservice or in the home

Boost waste research to secure food supply

By Gary Scattergood

A leading academic says he’s prepared to “put his head on the block" and insist that every dollar spent on research for reducing food waste will have a greater impact on improving food security than the equivalent amount spent on increasing production.

The Nestlé boss warned water shortages threaten food security and social and political stability

Nestlé boss praises higher food prices and speculation

By Mike Stones

Higher food prices and food price speculation should be welcomed, the boss of the world’s biggest food company Nestlé told the audience at the City Food Lecture at London’s Guildhall this week.


Paul Polman: Biofuel subsidy regime has spectacularly backfired

By Elaine Watson

Unilever boss Paul Polman used his time on the podium at last night's City Food Lecture in London to unveil a radical new manifesto to improve food security and launch a blistering attack on “well-meaning but ill-conceived” policies on biofuels.

Science is key to ensuring food security

Science is key to ensuring food security

I think it is bizarre that the two big food issues for 2010 are obesity and food security. On one hand we are eating too much food, but on the other,...

In crop form

In crop form

By Rick Pendrous

Europe's biggest wheat business is on a mission to assist a second green revolution in the food supply chain, reports Rick Pendrous


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