Food Security

Levels of food insecurity have reached 25% in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Credit: Getty/imaginima


Food insecurity reaches new highs

By Bethan Grylls

Food insecurity has increased from 16% to 25% across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the last three years.

Who claimed the title of top food trading country in the world in 2020? Credit: Getty/imaginima

Data dashboard

Who led food trade during the height of the pandemic?

By Bethan Grylls

An analysis of the world’s most imported and exported food groups identified the US as the world’s food trading leader during the first year of the pandemic, with the UK ranking eighth.

Industry leaders were at Number 10 Downing Street to discuss the state of the sector. Credit: Getty/  Nigel Harris


Food summit a first step, but must lead to ‘tangible change’

By Gwen Ridler

The Prime Minister’s Farm to Fork Summit has been described as a constructive first step towards addressing the biggest challenges facing the UK’s food and drink supply chain, but criticism was levelled at the lack of detail on how the Government would...

Rishi Sunak will talk with a select number of industry representatives on matters regarding food security


Food and farming firms hit out at PM’s food summit

By Gwen Ridler

Key industry players have been ‘left at the door’ as food and farming alliance Sustain questions how the Prime Ministers’ farm to fork food summit plans to address the UK’s food security issues.

Barbara Bray chaired this year's IFST spring conference

Long read

Transforming the food system and where to start

By Bethan Grylls

At this year’s IFST spring conference, the discussion centred on ‘taming the perfect storm’ of food security, health and nutrition, and the environment – but where do we even begin in the face of such a ferocious gale? Bethan Grylls covers the highlights...

Bethan Grylls visiting the Felix Project and Bruce Grove Youth Centre which relies on the distributions of the charity to help feed its vulnerable families and individuals within its community


The benefits of working with a redistribution charity

By Bethan Grylls

Bethan Grylls interviews The Felix Project and FareShare to find out more about how they redistribute food, the food safety measures in place, and why they’re in dire need of help from manufacturers.

How strong is your supply chain? Credit: Getty / The_Lycan

Long read

Creating safe and secure food supply chains

By Bethan Grylls

Bethan Grylls summarises the key takeaways from our series of fireside chats presented earlier this week, sponsored by RSSL, as five food and drink leaders lend their expertise on maintaining and working towards a more secure, safer food and drink system....

Bethan Grylls speaks to Timothy Lang about food insecurity in Britain and what action is needed


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode seven

By Bethan Grylls

In the final episode of this seven-part series brought to you by Food Manufacture and sponsored by RSSL, our editor Bethan Grylls, meets with Timothy Lang of City University, emeritus professor of food policy.

It's just over a year ago since Russia invaded Ukraine sending shockwaves across Europe. Credit: Getty / Toshe_O

Long read

War in Ukraine: what’s at stake for UK food producers?

By Elena Frandino

The Ukrainian conflict has amplified food supply chain pressures and critical raw material shortages. Once-reliable imports started fading, manufacturers had no choice but to rethink their business strategies to remain viable and sustainable, writes Elena...

Left to right: Emma Piercy of the FDF with Bethan Grylls of Food Manufacture


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode six

By Bethan Grylls

In this penultimate instalment of our documentary around food insecurity sponsored by RSSL, Bethan visits the Food and Drink Federation's headquarters to chat to its head of climate and energy policy, Emma Piercy.

Left to right: Kim Kettle of Long Clawson Dairy chats with Bethan Grylls of Food Manufacture


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode four

By Bethan Grylls

Episode four finds Bethan Grylls in Leicester where she hears from cooperative-run cheese manufacturer, Long Clawson Dairy and one of its affiliated farmers, Paul Eggleston, on the link between sustainability and food security.

Left to right: Bethan Grylls chats to Mike Wijnberg of Pilgrim's about how the manufacturer reinforces supply chain resilience and sustainability


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode three

By Bethan Grylls

In this third instalment of Food Manufacture's investigation into UK food security, sponsored by RSSL, Bethan Grylls meets with Mike Wijnberg, Group Technical Director for Pilgrim's Pride Ltd., to get the food manufacture's perspective.

Food Manufacture visits BMPA's headquarters in London


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode two

By Bethan Grylls

Nick Allen of British Meat Processor's Association discusses food policy with our editor in this exclusive interview series and highlights what changes could be made in regulation and legislation that would lead to a stronger food system.

Have you consider food insecurity within your plan? Credit: Getty / Warchi

Long read

How to implement food security into your business strategy

By Bethan Grylls

Bethan Grylls hears from a variety of thought-leaders working in food and drink, as they detail the intricacies of food insecurity and how business leaders can start to weave robust supply chain plans into their future.

Left to right: Anna Taylor, Food Foundation with Bethan Grylls, Food Manufacture


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode one

By Bethan Grylls

Watch our seven-part documentary, as our editor travels around the UK to find out why one of the richest countries in the world - Britain - is experiencing food insecurity.

How well do you know Gen Z? Credit: Getty	/ Nataliia Nesterenko


How to win with Gen Z

By Bethan Grylls

As we gear up towards Food Manufacture’s Spotlight Series week (20-24 March) which focuses on food security, the grocery sector can enjoy another excellent event from William Reed, a digital, high value data and events business serving the food and drinks...

If we are to deliver on Net Zero we need a clear plan. Credit: Getty / Abstract Aerial Art

Long read

We need to be climate literate

By Bethan Grylls

Sustainability strategies permeate the air as copiously as the greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere, so why aren’t we on track to hit 2050 Net Zero targets?

Read our long awaited 2023 report on key food and drink trends


Key trends for 2023’s food and drink industries

By Michelle Perrett

With the last several years including a series of unprecedented events and challenges, Food Manufacture seeks the expertise of several food and drink leaders to find out what’s on the cards for 2023.

A new national food policy is needed to deal with current challenges, according to the City Food Lecture

City Food Lecture

Supply chains need to be shorter and simpler

By Rick Pendrous

The UK must shorten and reduce the complexity of its food supply chains if it hopes to ensure future food security and reduce the opportunities for fraud this presents, were key messages to emerge from this year’s City Food Lecture held in London last...

Sustainable intensification is the theme of the IFST Spring Conference next week

IFST conference

IFST conference focuses on sustainable intensification

By Michael Stones

Sustainable intensification will be the focus of attention at the Institute of Food Science & Technology’s (IFST’s) Spring Conference 2016 at te National Motorcycle Museum, West Midlands on Wednesday, April 20.

Britain's sustainable food future may be under threat from cuts to agritech

Agritech funding cuts will damage the food supply chain

By Rick Pendrous

The future of the UK’s agricultural technologies (agritech) strategy has been called into question after last year’s “savage cuts” in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ budget, which is likely to feed through into a reduction of its...

Food manufacturers should safeguard their supply chains against weather-related threats

More secure food chains needed to cope with drought and floods

By Lynda Searby

Food manufacturers need to make their supply chains more resilient to cope with the increased risk of weather-related production volatility, according to a new report produced by an independent food security research taskforce.

UK food self sufficiency is set to dwindle

Manufacturers back calls to lift UK food output

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers have backed calls from the National Farmers Union (NFU) to boost food production, after research showed the nation’s self-sufficiency is due to fall.

The Elliott review was prompted by the discovery of horse in beef products in 2013

Elliott Review

Speed and cash crucial to food fraud strategy

By Rod Addy

The Elliott Review may count for little in preventing a similar scandal to ‘horsegate’ unless its proposals are implemented swiftly and funded properly, according to experts.

Register your vote to decide who will crowned Food manufacturing Personality of the Year

Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards

FMEA Personality of the Year - the nominees

By Rick Pendrous

The six candidates below have been shortlisted by the Food Manufacture Group editorial team for the Personality of the Year Award. Now it’s up to you. Who do you think has done most over the past year, either to raise the profile of the food and drink...


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