The sugar shock budget announcement has dismayed and delighted in equal measure

Sugar tax

Budget shock: sugar tax on soft drinks

By Michael Stones

A surprise tax on sugary soft drinks to tackle childhood obesity, unveiled in Chancellor George Osborne’s budget, has dismayed manufacturers but delighted campaigners, including celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Innovation conference

Food innovation conference: still time to book

By Michael Stones

There’s still time to book a place at Food Manufacture’s food and drink innovation conference – New Frontiers in Food and Drink 2016 – which takes place tomorrow (March 17) at etc.venues St. Pauls, 200 Aldersgate, London.

New Frontiers in Food and Drink 2016 takes place on Thursday March 17 in central London

Food innovation conference: just three days to go

By Michael Stones

There are just three days to go until Food Manufacture’s food and drink innovation conference – featuring all forms of innovation from personalised nutrition to edible insects and tackling obesity through satiety – gets under way in London on Thursday...

Vitafoods Europe: will be held at Palexpo, Geneva, from May 10–12

Nutrition projects to be revealed at Vitafoods

By Noli Dinkovski

Results from four EU-funded nutrition projects, covering weight management, heart disease and healthy ageing, are to be revealed at this year’s Vitafoods Europe show.

Stevia: no-added sugar confusion

Sugar reformulation blighted by restrictions

By Rick Pendrous

Restrictions on the use of high intensity sweeteners continue to frustrate food manufacturers trying to reformulate products by reducing added sugar.

Taxing sugary drinks would cut obesity, according to a new, disputed report

Sugary drink obesity claims slammed by industry

By Michael Stones

The soft drink industry has slammed claims that a 20% tax on sugary drinks would cut UK obesity rates by 5% within nine years – resulting in 3.7M fewer obese people.

Taxing question: should hospital staff and visitors could face a sugar tax on vended food and drink?

NHS sugar tax proposals are panned

By Noli Dinkovski

Plans by the National Health Service (NHS) to introduce a sugar tax on food and drink sold in its hospitals has been heavily criticised by industry trade bodies.

The Business Leaders' Forum offered valuable food and drink manufacturing insights, agreed the sponsors

Business Leaders’ Forum

Business Leaders: ‘premier event in food calendar’

By Michael Stones

The Business Leaders’ Forum (BLF) – organised by the Food Manufacture Group – has grown to become “probably the premier event in the food calendar”,  according to host sponsor DWF.

Paul Wilkinson unwrapped four surprises of the food manufacturing year

Business Leaders’ Forum

Four food and drink industry surprises of 2015

By Michael Stones

A shift in power from retailers to their suppliers, leading to a better year than expected, was one of four key surprises that shaped the UK food and drink industry last year, Paul Wilkson, chair of the Food Manufacture Group Business Leaders’ Forum told...

Professor Paul Gately spoke at a childhood obesity conference last week

Sugar ‘obsession’ could skew obesity strategy

By Alice Foster

Britain’s “complete obsession” with sugar could skew the government’s childhood obesity strategy due next month, warns a leading obesity expert, who was dismissive of a sugar tax.

Geoff Eaton: food and drink manufacturers should do more to help improve the national diet

Business Leaders’ Forum

Jamie Oliver ‘deserves food manufacturers’ thanks’

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers should thank celebrity chef and anti-sugar campaigner Jamie Oliver for focusing attention on their contribution to healthy eating, according to Geoff Eaton, chairman of New England Seafood International.

Food Standards Scotland has warned of an obesity “time bomb”

‘Obesity time bomb’: FSS proposes sugar tax

By Alice Foster

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has proposed a sugar tax, tougher reformulation targets and regulation of promotions in order to defuse an obesity “time bomb”.

Obesity: Stevens believes mandatory reformulation is the best way to combat the crisis

NHS to impose hospital sugar tax

By Noli Dinkovski

The National Health Service (NHS) plans to introduce a sugar tax in its hospitals in an attempt to help combat the UK’s obesity crisis.

The right medicine: the debate between taxation and reformulation continues

Sugar reformulation: can the industry learn from salt?

By Paul Gander

Alongside the now-familiar call for a 20% tax on sugary soft drinks, the recent House of Commons Health Select Committee report on child obesity proposed other measures, including centrally-led reformulation in high-sugar food and drink.

Soft drinks: industry has reduced sugar intake by 7.5% in recent years

Sugary drinks study slammed by food industry

By Noli Dinkovski

A new study that claims reducing the sugar content of sugar-sweetened drinks could prevent 1.5M cases of obesity and overweightness has been dismissed  as “fanciful” and “contrary to the evidence” by the food industry.

Sugar will feature large in the government's childhood obesity strategy

Sugar tax is not the biggest obesity cure

By Rick Pendrous

Reformulation, together with restrictions on the marketing and promotion of food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar are more important than sugar taxes, according to Public Health England (PHE), which in October called on the government to introduce...

Schmidt: 'There are lot of carbohydrates out there that do not label as sugar'

Food producers 'cheating' over non-sugar pledges

By Alice Foster

A number of industry players are “cheating” consumers by making ‘no sugar’ claims, despite using carbohydrates that are even more glycaemic than sugar, according to a Beneo representative.

Rick Pendrous, editor, Food Manufacture

Battle of the bulge is set to notch up a gear

By Rick Pendrous

As we start the new year, the food and drink industry awaits with much anticipation what the government is going to call on it to deliver as part of its childhood obesity strategy.

Tesco's Tim Smith revealed the retailer is to roll out sugar reduction targets to its own-label suppliers

Tesco to slash sugar content in more children’s food

By Rick Pendrous

Tesco is to roll out sugar reduction targets to its own-label suppliers in new categories of food and drink in the New Year, following the success it has achieved in healthier reformulation of children’s soft drinks, its group quality director Tim Smith...

The government has 'parked' the Public Health Responsibility Deal claims the FDF boss Ian Wright

Health responsibility deal is ‘parked’

By Michael Stones

The Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) has been “parked” by the government, according to Food and Drink Federation director general Ian Wright, who has urged government to revitalise its efforts to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis.

It has been a mixed week for the food industry

2 Sisters, Morrisons and apprentices make week’s headlines

By Laurence Gibbons

2 Sisters Food Group’s decision to snap up S&A Foods’s former site in Derby and reports of Morrisons’ potential exit from the FTSE 100 leads our selection of the top headlines in food and drink manufacturing.

The adipose cells of obese people can't cope with more fat: Keith Frayn

Obese people’s adipose cells fail to regulate fat

By Rick Pendrous

Obese people are far less efficient at regulating the fat levels in their body, which puts them at higher risk of contracting cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes, according to a leading expert on the human metabolism of fat.

Sweet to sour: interest in sugary products is waning in favour of sour flavours

FIE reports

Euro consumers more interested in low sugar products

By Michael Stones

European consumers’ appetite for sugary foods is waning in favour of low-sugar products, according to new Mintel research revealed at the Food Ingredients Europe show in Paris.

Action on Sugar has called for a six-point plan to beat obesity and type 2 diabetes

Sugar tax

Gov should adopt our six-point obesity plan: AoS

By Laurence Gibbons

Action on Sugar has launched a six-step “evidence-based” action plan to prevent the UK’s obesity and type 2 diabetes crisis from spiralling out of control.

Hard to swallow: two-thirds think taxing sugary drinks would penalise most people who drink responsibly

Sugar tax

Most consumers say ‘No thanks’ to drinks sugar tax

By Michael Stones

More than two-thirds of British adults believe a tax on sugar-sweetened soft drinks would: penalise most people who consume soft drinks responsibly, rise each year and lead to taxes on other foods, according to an independent poll commissioned by the...

Yushoi Snapea has been launched at 650 Tesco stores

Calbee UK plans investment and jobs following Tesco contract

By Laurence Gibbons

Japanese savoury snack manufacturer Calbee UK will make a “significant investment” in its Deeside factory in Wales and boost staff numbers to 100, after winning a contract to supply 650 Tesco stores, the firm has revealed.

Obesity, EU and productivity will be the FDF's three key areas for 2016

FDF’s top three ambitions for 2016

By Laurence Gibbons

Tackling the UK’s obesity epidemic, resolving the debate surrounding Britain’s membership of the EU and boosting productivity will be the Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF’s) top three ambitions for 2016, FoodManufacture.co.uk can exclusively reveal.

Joanne Denney-Finch said work to remedy obesity “absolutely has not been enough”

IGD targets consumer understanding of nutritional labelling

By Rick Pendrous

Grocery think tank IGD is planning a range of new activities designed to help consumers improve their understanding of a nutritionally balanced diet and encourage healthier eating as it takes a more prominent role in trying to curb the UK’s obesity epidemic.

Food firms should prevent more people becoming obese


Food firms should prevent obesity not manage it

By Laurence Gibbons

Food and drink manufacturers should forget about managing people that are currently obese and instead focus on preventing more people becoming overweight, according to a leading expert.

A sugar tax is not the way to curb Britain's obesity crisis, said the FDF boss

Food Matters Live

Four reasons a sugar tax ‘won’t work’: FDF boss

By Michael Stones

The near impossibility of imposing a sugar tax was one of four reasons why a tax would not limit sugar consumption or obesity, according to Food and Drink Federation (FDF) director general Ian Wright.

Partington: an overall unhealthy diet and lack of exercise to blame

Heart failure link slammed by soft drinks boss

By Noli Dinkovski

The soft drinks sector has hit out at national media claims that a new study proves a clear link between sweetened drinks and an increased likelihood of heart failure in men.

Jamie Oliver gave evidence at an inquiry into childhood obesity this week

Sugar tax could aid obesity fight: Health agency

By Alice Foster

A sugar tax could cut sugary drink purchases and help fight obesity, according to Public Health England (PHE), amid controversy over the government shelving the health agency’s report into the issue.

European Commission ruling on use of liquorice root extract Glavonoid

Glavonoid ruling allows weight loss use

By John Wood

More products tackling visceral fat are likely to be developed, following a European Commission (EC) ruling on the use of the liquorice root extract Glavonoid.

Joanne Denny-Finch

IGD launches healthy eating programme

By Michael Stones

Grocery think tank the IGD has launched a new healthy eating programme to begin next year, designed to improve the nation’s diet.

Action on Sugar revealed 88% of soft drink cans exceed recommended daily intake

Soft drink manufacturers urged to slash sugar levels

By Alice Foster

Soft drink manufacturers worldwide have again been urged to set sugar reduction targets, while the advertising regulator plans to consult on new rules for non-broadcast adverts targeted at children.

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