Who claimed the title of top food trading country in the world in 2020? Credit: Getty/imaginima

Data dashboard

Who led food trade during the height of the pandemic?

By Bethan Grylls

An analysis of the world’s most imported and exported food groups identified the US as the world’s food trading leader during the first year of the pandemic, with the UK ranking eighth.

EPR delayed until October 2025. Credit: Getty/BrianAJackson


Industry bodies react to EPR delay

By Bethan Grylls

Ecoveritas has described the delay to roll-out Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), as a “bittersweet” move, whilst OPRL warns companies “not to rest on their laurels”.

Stratagem on closures: “It's just a big domino effect of the current crisis we're in

Long read

What’s driving food factory closures – and how to avoid them

By Bethan Grylls

With news of administrations, proposed closures and complete shutdowns haunting the headlines, Food Manufacture takes a deep dive into the drivers, whether this is a trend set to last and what businesses can do to turn things around.

The BMPA represents the majority of meat businesses in the UK. Credit: Getty / sturti

Long read

Lifting the lid on the British meat industry

By William Dodds

Nick Allen and Nan Jones of the British Meat Processing Association (BMPA) provide insight into the state of the UK meat industry, while calling on Government to help the sector forge a path forward.

Tracey Hughes is no stranger to challenging times, taking on the role as MD of Henley Bridge shortly before the Covid pandemic hit

Me & My Team

Surviving hard times in business

By Tracey Hughes

Tracey Hughes, managing director of the sweet treat sourcing and suppling specialist, Henley Bridge, discusses how she has been leading a team through these tough times we’ve all felt.

The plant-based meat industry has reached a tipping point, but there's still a glimmer of hope for businesses in the sector


Plant-based meat market at the ‘tipping point’

By Gwen Ridler

The recent string of high-profile closures in the meat alternatives market is not the end of a ‘fad’ but plant-based is reaching a mass tipping point where not every producer is going to make it, according to non-dairy cheese producer Julienne Bruno.

Baker & Baker’s headquarters in Wirral


Baker & Baker sets deadline for Net Zero

By Bethan Grylls

European bakery products manufacturer Baker & Baker has set target year of 2040 to achieve Net Zero, acknowledging that the long-term challenge will be how to effectively decarbonise the ingredients supply chain.

How does a FOSFA arbitration work? Credit: Getty/PM Images

Legal Brief

Preparing for dispute - understanding FOSFA arbitrations

By Mikhail Vishnyakov, Emily Davies and Mark Tushingham

Much of the world’s oil, grains, seeds and fats are traded via FOSFA contracts, but against a backdrop of supply chain disruption and agricultural shortages, we may see a rise in disputes. Here, three legal experts outline the key features of FOSFA arbitrations...

ABF continues to see growth led by its grocery division


Food sales support growth at ABF

By Gwen Ridler

Continued growth of food sales at Associated British Foods (ABF) have produced a strong set of results for the manufacturer in its third quarter 2023 trading update.

Funds raised by Fudge Kitchen have helped to donate 3,000 meals to FareShare


Fudge Kitchen raises funds to donate 3,000 meals

By Gwen Ridler

Sales of Fudge Kitchen’s limited-edition Birthday Cake fudge and drinking fudge have helped raise funds to donate more than 3,000 meals to food redistribution charity FareShare.

Kerfoot Group begins transition to Oleon brand. Credit: Getty/Klaus Vedfelt


Kerfoot to merge with Oleon

By Bethan Grylls

The Kerfoot Group has announced it will begin transitioning to Oleon in a bid to strengthen its ‘natural’ oil offering.

Are current meat inspections fair on smaller abattoirs? Credit: Getty/Portra

Short read

Does meat inspection at small abattoirs need to change?

By Bethan Grylls

With many smaller abattoirs forced to close, is it time for the meat inspection process in the UK to change in support of independents – and what is the government already doing to help?

Over 7,000 acres of Rhug Estate is managed organically

Short read

Rhug Estate: The perks of organic production

By Becky George

Lord Newborough of Rhug Estate in North Wales has been a prominent organic advocate since the late 1990s. Beyond the estate’s organic livestock enterprises and expansive farm shop, the business has continuously diversified its routes to market to deliver...

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