All news articles for January 2015

Growth rates in childhood obesity slowing - study

Sector not absolved by childhood obesity slowdown

By Nicholas Robinson

A slowdown in childhood obesity growth rates does not absolve the food and drink industry from blame, despite its efforts to reduce the fat, sugar and salt (FSS) content of its products, experts have said.

Tacon was appointed as GCA in January, 2013

Expert: Tacon needs more than power to fine

By Rod Addy

The Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) needs more than the power to fine supermarkets breaking the Groceries Supply Code of Practice to be effective, according to one leading industry expert.

Food and drink business deals have been largely fuelled by intense competition in the retail sector

Food and drink M&A driven by retail market

By Laurence Gibbons

Food and drink manufacturing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have been mainly driven by intense competition in the UK retail sector, according to analysis from Grant Thornton.

Cranswick continued to buck the grocery trend, said City analysts

Cranswick results ‘buck grocery trend’

By Michael Stones

Cranswick’s third-quarter results, boosted by strong Christmas sales, continued to buck the flat or downward trend in the UK grocery market, said City analysts.

Food and drink exports could suffer if the Greek election fatally weakens the euro

Food exports could suffer after Greek election result

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers’ exports could be threatened by the recent Greek election result, if the successful Syriza party destabilises the euro, warns a specialist foreign exchange provider.

Falling oil prices will cut food manufacturers' production and distribution costs: Rabobank

Oil price falls to cut food production costs

By Michael Stones

Food manufacturers will benefit from lower production and distribution costs as the tumbling price of oil drives down global food prices, according to a new report from multi-national banking group Rabobank.

Vegan meatballs will be available in IKEA stores from April

PETA praises IKEA for vegan food offering

By Laurence Gibbons

Animal rights campaigners have praised furniture store IKEA after it revealed it would launch a vegan Swedish meatball dish in April following a “swarm” of petitions.

The FSA is to offer 'differential advice' to local authorities about the sale of rare burgers

Rare burger consumption forces FSA to revise advice

By Rick Pendrous

The growing trend for serving rare burgers in restaurants across the country has raised serious concerns by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) about the increased risk of food poisoning through minced beef patties that haven’t been cooked sufficiently to...

Food industry cuts more jobs than it creates

Food job cuts outweigh creations

By Laurence Gibbons

More jobs have been cut or put at risk by food and drink manufacturers in the UK over the past six months, this site can exclusively reveal.

The effects of bacteria on the gut will be discussed at the conference

Probiotic industry value set to reach £29bn

By Nicholas Robinson

Sales of probiotic food, drink and supplements are set to reach £29bn by 2018, as consumers seek food-based answers to health issues, according to one expert commentator.

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