Top 10 food trends of tomorrow

By Lorraine Mullaney

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Bakery superstars were UK consumers' second favourite concept.
Bakery superstars were UK consumers' second favourite concept.
Food will need to become healthier if it’s to satisfy the tastes of tomorrow’s consumers, according to a recent study by ingredients manufacturer Puratos.

Michael Lundtoft, marketing director, Puratos, told “The outlook ​[optimistic or pessimistic] was very much affected by consumers’ beliefs in whether food will be more or less healthy in the future.”

To get a clearer picture of the future of the bakery, pastry, patisserie and chocolate sectors, Belgian ingredients firm Puratos conducted a study involving 6,400 consumers from 14 countries across different continents.

Findings were summarised into 10 major trends:

  1. Health:​ Consumers wanted products to be ‘naturally healthy’ or have added health benefits. This offers opportunities for bakery products with added health benefits.
  2. Quality:​ Manufacturers needed to build a consistent brand with compelling stories about the process such as environmentally friendly packaging or sustainability.
  3. On-pack storyselling:​ Consumers are keen to read on-pack stories about the origin of the ingredients, the evolution of the recipe and the history of the product and shop.
  4. Local versus global paradox:​ Well-travelled consumers wanted the best of both worlds - local provenance and food with a global origin. Retailers could reinvent the point of sale to combine local identity with a global offer.
  5. City brands:​ These had real potential in emerging markets if quality, uniqueness and exclusivity was guaranteed.
  6. Tradition with innovation:​ 20% of UK consumers preferred eating traditional food products, compared with 81% of Spanish consumers, for example. It was important to respect individual food cultures but UK consumers still wanted variety, which was key to future innovation.
  7. Meal mobility:​ Opportunities lie in innovative products that respond to the demand for meal mobility. Consumers wanted more food that is portable and easy to eat. They also want more single portions.
  8. The paradox of health and pleasure:​ Consumers wanted food that was both nutritionally balanced and indulgent. Smaller indulgent portions were recommended. The third favourite concept in the UK was bread or pastry products with special or added benefits. Breads that contain less fat, less salt, and more fibre were popular.
  9. Authentic bakery:​ Consumers are looking for ‘unique’ experiences so retailers need to create the authentic bakery feeling for success. This includes the homemade look and feel, fresh image, human touch, traditional approach and passion for the product. Opportunities lay in creating sensory experiences for the consumer, such as in-store smells.
  10. Bakery superstars and superbakeries:​ The future of bakeries lies in focusing on specialised, customised or convenience products. Focusing on a top-selling product such as a cupcake or doughnut that customers could customise was a winning strategy. Bakery superstars were the second favourite concept for UK consumers.

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