Enzyme action for Cardiff’s Biocatalysts

By Rod Addy

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Cardiff-based Biocatalysts has launched two new wheat gluten hydrolysate enzymes with flavour-enhancing properties to help processors struggling with formulation issues.

Promod 863MDP is a smooth, non-bitter high-performance protease containing high levels of free amino acids. It can also produce a degree of hydrolysis of greater than 20%.

Flavorpro 795MDP, meanwhile, is a protease preparation containing exopeptidase and glutaminase and can be used to hydrolyse proteins such as wheat and soya. It has been shown to increase solubility and digestibility and, again, create non-bitter hydrolysates with an enhanced flavour.

Both products are suitable for use in kosher and vegetarian applications.

Biocatalysts conducts enzyme research with several UK universities, creating tailored solutions for a range of food businesses, from small to large blue chip companies.