Depol 40L: allows more vanillin to be produced, making limited quantities extend as far as possible

New enzyme to allay vanilla shortage fears

By Noli Dinkovski

An enzyme designed to mitigate the current supply shortage of vanilla by helping to extract the maximum amount from each production run has been made available from Biocatalysts.

New enzyme could help with clean-labelling

Protease replaces GM soya

By Nicholas Robinson

A new enzyme, with the capability of pulling proteins from animal blood, could help meat processors reduce or eliminate the amount of soy they use in products, according to supplier DSM.

Some acrylamide-preventing yeasts have yet to be released

Invisible helpers

By Lynda Searby

They rarely appear on labels, but enzymes can produce very visible results for product developers. Lynda Searby reports

Yeast strain offers hope in fight against acrylamide

Yeast strain offers hope in fight against acrylamide

By Elaine Watson

Canadian firm Functional Technologies is seeking partners to help commercialise a radical new approach to tackling acrylamide formation in baked goods based on a proprietary strain of yeast.


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