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The Food Data Transparency Partnership has been tasked on untangling the challenges of data gathering and sharing. Credit: Getty/Yuji Sakai

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The Food Data Transparency Partnership roadmap explained

By Bethan Grylls

After a year of engagement and discussion which sought to understand the gaps in the current and varied processes industry uses to gather and share environmental data, a Food Data Transparency Partnership (FDTP) paper has been published outlining the...

More than 81% of end users said that automation was their main challenge in 2023. Image: Getty


Automation biggest challenge for manufacturers

By Gwen Ridler

Automation is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing businesses in the UK, with frustrations relating to cost, availability of staff and a lack of information major hurdles preventing adoption, according to a recent survey by Automate UK.

The world is facing simultaneous maritime disruptions, with crucial trade waterways impacted. Credit: Getty/PeterHermesFurian

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F&B industry outlook: from war to inflation

By Bethan Grylls

We are in a period of considerable instability fuelled by political, economic and environmental challenges – Food Manufacture’s latest webinar gathered four experts to take stock on what’s been happening. Here’s the highlights…

Migliozzi: 'Take the time to think ahead. However fast the implementation of technology, it may well not outpace transformations in the industry.' Image: Getty, B4LLS


Face your fears over warehouse automation

By Gwen Ridler

The food businesses must face their fears over warehouse automation and rediscover their ‘appetite for risk’ if they wish to keep up in one of the fastest moving sectors in the world, according to supply chain systems provider Invar Group.

The food and drink manufacturing sector is transitioning towards plenty of new technology. Credit: Getty/kynny


Automation and smart maintenance in 2024 and beyond

By Stuart Coulton

As the adoption of new technology within food manufacturing gathers pace, Stuart Coulton, OMRON marketing manager for the UK and Ireland, considers the drivers behind the transition and the future of automation and smart maintenance across the value chain.

Food Manufacture examines several technologies available on the market to improve water efficiency on site and a few companies which have already started to reap benefits. Credit: Getty/siculodoc


3 ways of improving your factory’s water efficiency

By Bethan Grylls

While water is estimated to cover 70% of planet Earth, it would be foolish to consider it a resource in abundance. In fact, in just one year’s time, the WWF predicts that two-thirds of the world’s population could be facing water shortages.

How much thought have you given your digital strategy? Credit: Getty/ Floriana

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Creating a digital strategy for your traceability set-up

By Bethan Grylls

Food Manufacture’s webinar on ‘Strategies for improving your supply chain traceability’ raised important questions around technology investments, as well as highlighting some current and emerging tools for enhanced traceability, including 2D barcodes....

Is it time to move away from paper-based logistics? Getty/Monty Rakusen

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3 technologies to help improve visibility across your food factory

By Aptean

Everyone knows technology is the future, but with buzzwords thrown around left, right and centre, what does it all mean? Here, Aptean offers a simplified breakdown of three popular software technologies and explains how each one can be used in your food...

Don't miss our webinar, exploring technologies for improving your supply chain traceability. Credit: Getty/sitox


Technology to improve your traceability

By Bethan Grylls

Register for our exclusive webinar which looks at existing and emerging technology to enhance your supply chain traceability, whilst taking you back to basics as our experts explore several case studies, options and the important questions to ask before...

How will food factories need to evolve to keep apace with rising consumption? Credit: Getty/kynny

Long read

What will the future factory look like?

By Bethan Grylls

Bethan Grylls explores how food and beverage manufacturers will need to adapt to increased consumption, alongside pressures around sustainability with insight from a range of experts.

Investment in IoT will only mean results if properly managed, says Kavakli. Credit:Getty/Macrovector


Drowning in data

By Baris Kavakli

Baris Kavakli, managing director of Portera B.V, looks at why IoT-enabled manufacturers are swimming against a tide of information from the shop floor and how they can begin to reorganise outdated workflows to make better use of data.

William Reed expands leading portfolio with agtech focused website. Credit: Getty/witsarut sakorn


William Reed launches new agtech website

By Bethan Grylls

The company behind leading titles including Food Manufacture, British Baker and The Grocer, has launched a new site dedicated to the agtech space.

We delve into the state of the food and beverage industry and its future outlook. Credit: Getty/bin kontan

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State of the food and drink sector in 2023 and beyond

By Bethan Grylls

In an exclusive online event, Food Manufacture heard from three industry experts as they captured today’s food and drink trends and how wider societal challenges have impact behaviour and policy.

This year's Food Safety Briefing covered a wide range of areas from data sharing to greenwashing to hygienic design. Credit: Getty/VectorMine

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What’s happening in UK food safety?

By Bethan Grylls

In a recent webinar, Food Manufacture brought together four leaders from industry to discuss the latest tools and systems emerging to help mitigate against our biggest food safety challenges. Here’s the highlights…

Our recent webinar sponsored by Infor looked at how you can expand your business for profitable growth - here are the takeaways...Credit: Getty/Ralf Hahn

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How to grow your business successfully

By Bethan Grylls

Profitable growth is every organisation’s dream – but it usually comes with a raft of challenges. So how do you navigate growth and expansion, with the best chances of profit at the end?

Top tips for prolonging the life of the machinery you rely on day in, day out. Credit: Getty / Monty_Rakus

Long read

Getting the most of out your plant machinery

By Bethan Grylls

Food Manufacture hears from several notable experts in machinery and maintenance to understand how food producers can avoid downtime as a result of machine failure.

Could digital twins be the key in successfully decarbonising? Credit: Getty/mechichi


Decarbonising the food and drink manufacturing

By Adam Goves

Adam Goves, sector lead – manufacturing and industry at IES, explains why collaboration and technology are key in reaching net zero targets in food and beverage production.

Avara Foods committed an initial £4.7m to getting its Wednesbury facility operational

Digital feature: long read

Me & My Team: Avara Foods Wednesbury

By Phil Davidson

Avara Foods's Wednesbury factory illustrates the company’s parallel priorities of investing in people and transformative technology, both of which are essential in the middle of the skills crisis, operations director Phil Davidson explains.


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