Packaging's primary role is to protect food

Hot on the case

By David Burrows

Packaging is a hot topic for consumers and hence manufacturers, reports David Burrows.

Fairtrade schemes are needed to avert serious global shortages of the

Mars urges action on cocoa to beat shortage

By Rick Pendrous

Urgent action was necessary to avoid the “bleak situation” of a serious global shortage of cocoa supplies within a decade, Fiona Dawson, president of Mars Chocolate UK, warned yesterday (June 12).

Spelman called for the

DEFRA minister Spelman urges action after Rio+20

By Rick Pendrous

Environment secretary Caroline Spelman has challenged governments, business and environmental groups around the world to reach a consensus on measures to ensure a more sustainable global food supply chain when world leaders meet at the Rio+20 Summit in...

The government's record in helping food manufacturers and consumers cut waste is

WWF slams government on sustainable food

By Freddie Dawson and Mike Stones

Environmental pressure group WWF has slammed the government for its “woefully inadequate” record in helping meat processors cut meat waste and consumers eat less meat and fewer livestock products.

Lack of funding threatens to choke food and drink manufacturers' ability to the economy out of recession

‘Timid’ bankers threaten food export-led recovery

By Freddie Dawson and Mike Stones

Lack of investment from risk-adverse bankers is threatening food and drink manufacturers’ ability to spearhead the export-led economic recovery long predicted by government ministers.

A lack of global resources means firms will have to change their methods, according to Neath

Food manufacturers must adapt to lack of resources

By Rod Addy

Dwindling global resources will force food manufacturers to radically change the way they do business in the next few years, according to Gavin Neath, Unilever’s senior vice president of sustainability.



By Lorraine Mullaney

The Cree Indians predicted that the white man would realise that he couldn't eat money only when the last tree had been cut down, the last fish caught and the last river poisoned.

Sustainably Cornish. Ginsters has become the first manufacturer to secure 100% sustainable palm oil in savoury pastries

Sustainable palm oil coup for Ginsters

By Rod Addy

Ginsters has overcome supply issues to become the first manufacturer to secure 100% sustainable palm oil in the category of branded savoury pastries, in co-operation with fats and oils supplier AAK.

Green thinking

Green thinking

By Freddie Dawson

With consumers confused by the proliferation of green labels, Freddie Dawson asks whether a single mandatory approach might be the solution?


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