Supply Chain

There are many risks associated with sending food and drink products to the World Cup in Brazil

Food and drink firms at risk in Brazil

By Laurence Gibbons

Food and drink manufacturers providing products to the Fifa World Cup in Brazil must fully review their supply chain or risk failing victim to mistakes made by the home nation.

Pressure to cut costs has created opportunities for food fraud, said Waitrose technical director David Croft

Uncertainty remains on policing food fraud

By Rick Pendrous

Market intelligence should be used far more to detect food fraud, following the lessons learned from last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, but the question of who pays for it remains unclear, the head of technical services at Waitrose has claimed.

Food manufacturers need to protect themselves against political instability – such as the Ukraine crisis

Food manufacturers should act over Ukraine crisis

By Michael Stones

Food manufacturers should protect themselves against political instability – such as the Ukraine crisis – and extreme weather by planning contractual protection, warns food law firm Roythornes.

Better off as a brand owner: Warburton said he wanted to have 'power and influence' when he walked into Phil Clarke's office

Horsegate caused by ‘more for less’ culture: Warburtons

By Michael Stones

The horsemeat scandal was caused by “a more for less” culture in the food supply chain, which highlights the benefits of manufacturing branded products compared with own-label, said Warburton’s boss Jonathan Warburton.

The food supply chain needs to boost efficiencies ahead of the prospect of a retail price war

Boost supply chain efficiencies to beat retail price war

By Laurence Gibbons

The prospect of a supermarket price war – leading to lower supplier prices – makes it even more important to boost food and drink supply chain efficiencies, according to the European Food and Farming Partnerships (EFFP).

The quality of imported meat can be as good as British meat, says Allan

‘Buying British meat isn’t always best’

By Nicholas Robinson

Buying British meat and poultry is not always best and some overseas processors have better standards than UK and European businesses, an international meat processing boss has claimed.

Generating and selling low-carbon energy to retailers could become an important revenue stream for food manufacturers and farmers

Food suppliers could bust energy monopoly of ‘big six’

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s food and drink manufacturers are missing out on potential new revenue streams now available through generating and selling low-carbon energy to retailers, alongside more traditional groceries, according to a leading environmental consultancy.

Don't miss the Food  Manufacture Group's new Food safety conference on Wednesday October 15 at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire

Coming soon: another food safety incident

By Rick Pendrous

Food companies continue to suffer the costly and damaging results of food contamination and food poisoning outbreaks, despite their best efforts to adopt procedures to prevent incidents from happening and mitigate their worst impact when they do.

Tesco's plan will benefit suppliers and customers, said Paul Wilkinson, a member of the retailer's supply chain advisory panel

Tesco’s Trading Responsibly plan ‘will benefit suppliers’

By Michael Stones

Tesco’s new Trading Responsibly plan will improve both the way it works with suppliers and customer service, says Paul Wilkinson, chair of Thorntons and a member of the retail giant’s new independent supply chain advisory panel.

WRAP says more consistent labelling will help consumers waste less food

Fight against food waste gets political

By Paul Gander

The Fresher for Longer (FFL) initiative – which brings together key industry bodies, environmental groups and politicians – is helping to forge a consensus on packaging’s role in reducing the UK’s high levels of food waste.

Don't miss details of Food Manufacture's 2014 editorial calendar

Food Manufacture: 2014 editorial calendar

By Rick Pendrous

This year is predicted by most leading UK food industry commentators to be one of the most significant ever in terms of political and regulatory scrutiny of the sector. It is also set to be one of economic and environmental uncertainty.

Super supply chain: Iglo Foods Group won the Supply chain initiative of the year award in the food and drink manufacturing industry Oscars

food manufacturing excellence awards

Iglo Foods Group wins top supply chain award

By Michael Stones

Iglo Foods Group has won the Supply chain initiative of the year award in the industry Oscars – Food Manufacture’s Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards (FMEAs), at the London Park Lane Hilton last month.

Time for change: Peter Allan said the British Frozen Food Federation was adapting itself to meet the challenges of a changing world

Frozen food association BFFF restructures to meet new challenges

By Rick Pendrous

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), which represents the UK’s frozen food manufacturing sector, is entering a period of significant change as it adapts itself to meet the challenges of a changing world, its new president Peter Allan has said.

Atkinson: today's shoppers look for more sustainable production

Tesco looks to transform its supply chain

By Rick Pendrous

Tesco has called for greater collaboration and a closer working relationship with its suppliers as it attempts to transform itself to restore its declining fortunes.Ellipsis …‘Quote marks’“Double quote”

Fowler Welch md Hay says retailers create spikes in the chain

The fast lane

By Alyson Magee

A streamlined, traceable, low-cost supply chain is no mean feat, says Alyson Magee

Clare Cheney, director general, Provision Trade Federation

European industry is reinventing the wheel

By Clare Cheney

Just as the UK’s new Groceries Code Adjudicator Christine Tacon begins to make her presence felt in the UK, on September 16 European food industry associations launched ‘The Supply Chain Initiative - Together for good trading practices’, to address the...

The campaign aims to increase 'retail-ready' formats

Pallet project to slash food industry costs

By Rick Pendrous

Pallet specialist CHEP is to lead a campaign to bring manufacturers and retailers into agreement on a standard pallet size, which it claims offers huge potential cost savings.

Clearer insights into the food industry would help guard against food fraud, concluded the horsemeat report

New horsemeat report praised by Scottish government

By Mike Stones

Developing a better understanding of the food industry, including its complex supply chains, is a key recommendation of a new report commissioned by the Scottish government to learn the lessons of the horsemeat crisis.

X-ray systems like this can eliminate blind spots

Inside information

By Lorraine Mullaney

Supply chains will be tighter post-horsegate to reduce the risk of further recalls, reports Lorraine Mullaney

The report claimed retail directors don’t understand the complexity of the omni-channel

The retailer and the revolution

By Rick Pendrous

Senior retail bosses don’t understand the complex changes the ‘omni-channel revolution’ will require of the supply chain, according to delegates at the launch of a report on the topic.

Asda will soon complete a two-year project to upgrade its retail distribution operation

Asda’s real-time tracking benefits

By Rick Pendrous

As Britain’s road network becomes ever more congested and delivery windows become smaller, more retailers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are resorting to the use of modern systems technology to ensure their deliveries to regional distribution...

Forecast data can be fed back into scheduling

Let's click together

By Rick Pendrous

Software systems can transform production and get all links of the supply chain working together from the same dataset. Rick Pendrous reports

Seven top tips could help to take the drama out of your food manufacturing crisis

Seven tips to manage a food manufacturing crisis

By Richard Barker

The product recall in mid-January when equine DNA was found in supermarket burgers has rapidly turned into an international scandal exposing complex cross-border supply chains.

The appointment of Tacon was ‘an important step in the battle to ensure fairness across the supply chain’, said the NFU

Grocery adjudicator appointment ‘an important step’

By Mike Stones

The appointment of Christine Tacon as the UK’s first groceries code adjudicator is “an important step in the battle to ensure fairness across the supply chain”, according to the National Farmers Union (NFU) and others.

Richard Barker is a food and drink insurance specialist with Sutton Winson.

Don’t make a food manufacturing drama out of a crisis

By Richard Barker

There were 393 product recalls last year, 82 (20%) of which were food and drug related, according to the website But this figure is not a true representation as a large proportion of recalls occur before product distribution.

Why the UK's meat supply chain is in crisis

Why the UK's meat supply chain is in crisis

By Rick Pendrous

The news last month that Vion is to sell its UK food businesses, covering 38 sites and employing 13,000 people is a sure sign that the UK's meat supply chain is in crisis.

Palm oil cultivation displaces communities

On good terms

By Paul Gander

Defining 'sustainability' is hard enough, but what about making the term a reality? Paul Gander reports

WRAP welcomed 'the significant progress' made in cutting waste

Food firms welcome waste reduction results

By Mike Stones

UK food and drink manufacturers have welcomed “the significant progress” achieved in meeting the supply chain and packaging waste reduction targets set out as part of the Courtauld Commitment.

Tighter working methods have helped reduce waste

Lexicon of lean

By Sue Scott

In lean times, making more from less is not a choice but a necessity, reports Sue Scott

Off the shelf

Off the shelf

By John Dunn

In 1962 management guru Peter Drucker described logistics as the economy's "last dark continent." He said: "We know little more about distribution than Napoleon's contemporaries knew about the interior of Africa."