Supply Chain

Cooked chicken products can now be exported to Japan


British cooked poultry secures access to Japan

By Gwen Ridler

British cooked poultry products will soon reach Japanese dinner tables, thanks to a new market access deal expected to be worth £10m over the next five years.

Kimberly Coffin discusses how food supply network risks are managed


Re-evaluating how to view supply chain risk

By Kimberly Coffin

Kimberly Coffin, global technical director at LRQA, explains why the way food supply network risks are managed must change amid geopolitical disruptions and an ever-changing supply climate.

Theo Mizzi discusses handling and transit issues in the food and drink supply chain. Image credit: Getty/B4LLS


Handling and storage challenges in the food supply chain

By Theo Mizzi

Theo Mizzi, project manager at Inverto UK, discusses handling and storage challenges in the food and drink supply chain and how artificial intelligence can play a role in maintaining integrity during transit.

Addy: 'If we risk nothing, we gain nothing and we lose the opportunity to grow.'

Column: We need to talk about

Collaboration and trust between manufacturers

By Gwen Ridler

In his latest column, Provision Trade Federation director general Rod Addy explores the strength of collaboration between manufacturers and how uniting around a common cause can lead to even greater strength within the food industry.

Choosing new suppliers when existing supply chains are disrupted brings risk of food fraud


Supply shortages increase risk of food fraud

By Gwen Ridler

Supply chain shortages could increase the risk of food fraud as manufacturers hurriedly search for new suppliers to help meet customer demand, according to compliance and assurance consultancy LRQA.

Tony's Chocolonely's additional €20m of funding will support its work to end slavery in the cocoa supply chain


Tony’s Chocolonely secures €20m funding from shareholders

By Gwen Ridler

Confectionery brand Tony’s Chocolonely has secured an additional €20m (£17.1m) of funding from its existing shareholders to accelerate its growth in multiple markets and expand the reach of its ethical bean sourcing company.

Industry leaders were at Number 10 Downing Street to discuss the state of the sector. Credit: Getty/  Nigel Harris


Food summit a first step, but must lead to ‘tangible change’

By Gwen Ridler

The Prime Minister’s Farm to Fork Summit has been described as a constructive first step towards addressing the biggest challenges facing the UK’s food and drink supply chain, but criticism was levelled at the lack of detail on how the Government would...

Team Refrigeration is set to open a new depot next month


Team Refrigeration to open new depot

By Gwen Ridler

Mobile refrigeration specialist Team Refrigeration is to open a new depot in Milton Keynes in an effort to improve its UK coverage.

JS Davidson has invested almost £1m in improving the business


JS Davidson £1m cold storage investment

By Gwen Ridler

Temperature controlled supply chain and logistics specialist JS Davidson has invested almost £1m in a suite of improvements across the business.

Jon Poole sits down with Keston Williams of Barfoot to talk decision-making with confidence

The Talent Poole

Being a confident decision-maker

By Jon Poole

Jon Poole interviews Keston Williams, Barfoots COO, who offers his perspective on nimble decision-making in the fast-paced world of food and drink.

Alison Johnson serves up three ways to help deter food fraud. Credit: Getty / Marilyn Nieves

Column: Food Forensics

Up your game when it comes to detecting food fraud

By Alison Johnson

Following the news of recent food fraud incidents, such as the event which recently impacted retailer Booths, Alison Johnson, managing director at Food Forensics outlines three ways of preventing food fraud occurring in your supply chain.

Wincanton has extended its partnership with Waitrose


Wincanton extends partnership with Waitrose

By Gwen Ridler

Supply chain and logistics firm Wincanton Group has extended its partnership with Waitrose, building on 25 years of collaboration between the two businesses.

It's just over a year ago since Russia invaded Ukraine sending shockwaves across Europe. Credit: Getty / Toshe_O

Long read

War in Ukraine: what’s at stake for UK food producers?

By Elena Frandino

The Ukrainian conflict has amplified food supply chain pressures and critical raw material shortages. Once-reliable imports started fading, manufacturers had no choice but to rethink their business strategies to remain viable and sustainable, writes Elena...

The PM's Windsor Framework promised little by has the potential to overdeliver for food and drink firms

Column: We need to talk about ...

The Windsor Framework

By Rod Addy

Provision Trade Federation director general Rod Addy discusses the recently agreed Windsor Framework and its implications for the food and drink industry in his exclusive column for Food Manufacture.

Mike Parr discusses the current fresh produce shortages and the impact on the food supply chain


Fresh produce shortages require action, not words

By Mike Parr

Perishable Movements (PML) managing director Mike Parr responds to the current fresh produce shortages and the challenges facing a food supply chain already battered by COVID-19 restrictions and the fallout of Brexit.

Automating the warehouse could be the sustainable solution for operators


The sustainable automated warehouse

By Craig Whitehouse

Craig Whitehouse, managing director of Invar Group, explores the ways in which automation can make the warehouse more sustainable.

Cyber breaches can cause chaos - we hear real-life stories... Credit: Getty/da-kuk

Short read

Top tips from Business Leaders Forum #1: Invest in cybersecurity

By Bethan Grylls

Last week at our annual Business Leaders Forum, experts came together to discuss the most pressing topics, including the very real threat of cyberattacks. Here we hear how it can impact a business and some top tips for securing your operations.

Read our long awaited 2023 report on key food and drink trends


Key trends for 2023’s food and drink industries

By Michelle Perrett

With the last several years including a series of unprecedented events and challenges, Food Manufacture seeks the expertise of several food and drink leaders to find out what’s on the cards for 2023.

The Digital Sandwich project received £4m in funding to develop their blockchain-based system for food supply chain security

It’s time for radical change

By Tom Hollands

With the simultaneous pressures weighing down the food and drink system, manufacturers must be prepared to embrace new technologies to ensure safe and secure production. Tom Hollands of Raynor Foods reveals how…

Our editor flags key moments of 2022 for food and drink. Credit Getty/erhui1979

7 key moments in 2022 for the food sector

By Bethan Grylls

As we bid 2022 farewell, Food Manufacture's editor Bethan Grylls gazes back over the course of this year and highlights seven notable moments for food and drink to take stock of - some of which will follow us into 2023.

The company has highlighted the trading challenges

Real Good Food: Market conditions show no sign of easing

By Michelle Perrett

The war in Ukraine, continuing cross border trading issues with Europe (post-Brexit) and hyper cost inflation have been major challenges for speciality bakery ingredients manufacturer Real Good Food.

Dr Thérèse Coffey, Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spoke to MPs

Government has no plans to intervene in food pricing

By Michelle Perrett

The Government has no plans to intervene in food pricing and it is not its role to provide free food, Dr Thérèse Coffey, Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has told a committee of MPs.

Kerry launches new tool to measure nutrition and labelling

Kerry launches new tool to measure nutrition and labelling

By Michelle Perrett

Kerry, the taste and nutrition company, has launched a new tool that will support food manufacturers to optimise the nutritional profile of products while being aware of the various front of pack regulations.

Welsh Leeks are protected

Welsh Leeks secure Geographical Indication status

By Michelle Perrett

Welsh Leeks have become the latest addition to the UK Geographical Indication (GI) Scheme, which protects the name, authenticity and characteristics of regional products.


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