Saturated Fat

Jonny Bingham (left) and David Jones: ‘We are ultimately a service industry’ (Photo©Sacha Ferrier)

Food fads: should we do more to protect consumers?

By Jonny Bingham & David Jones

We have taken an interest in the future of food we since forming since Bingham and Jones. But there are some moments in development that get you really thinking about the bigger picture and asking other questions – such as, is it really ok to develop...

Saturated fats in dairy products like cheese have long been demonised

Dairy bosses welcome new sat fat study

By Nicholas Robinson

Dairy bosses have welcomed a new study that suggests saturated fats in foods like butter and cheese are not bad for heart health.

Bakery sector offered way to answer consumer demands

Cream fills with less fat and sugar

Puratos says its new Cremfil Ultim fillings offer the bakery and patisserie industry a way to answer consumer demands for indulgence, health and convenience - three trends that have been driving growth in snacking over recent years, according to its research.

Saturated fats do cause obesity and heart disease, says PHE

Public Health England rejects sat fat reduction critics

By Rick Pendrous

Public Health England (PHE) has challenged the article in the British Medical Journal online, which criticised the government’s drive to cut saturated fat in foods, claiming it was not the main cause of obesity.

Sure as eggs are no longer eggs

Sure as eggs are no longer eggs

Arla Foods is promoting its egg replacement products as a way of easing the impact of Europe-wide animal welfare legislation, which could result in rising egg prices and supply shortages.

Chew the fats

Chew the fats

When it comes to reformulating products, the gap between big and small presents formidable challenges, says Rick Pendrous


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