An investigation linking an outbreak of salmonella to chicken supplied to UK supermarkets raised concerns surrounding food safety regulations


Stronger regulations needed in light of poultry salmonella outbreaks

By Gwen Ridler

Reports that a meat supplier to UK supermarkets was sourcing chickens dosed with antibiotics linked to deadly superbugs highlights that current guidance and regulation does not go far enough to ensure food safety, according to the Farm Animal Investment...

What lessons can be learned from two seperate outbreaks of salmonella in two chocolate factories in 2022?

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Salmonella spp. in chocolate: Lessons 2022 taught us

By Bethan Grylls

The usual foe of Salmonella spp. in chocolate reared its head again in 2022, causing two notable outbreaks. So what lessons can we take from this to ensure safer food in the future?

Salmonella contamination sparked a number of food recalls this month

Salmonella sparks food recalls

By Gwen Ridler

Salmonella contamination has sparked recalls of infant formula, pork snack products and frozen raw dog foods over the past month, according to reports by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Salmonella cases have risen by 3% across the EU since 2014

Salmonella cases across the EU are increasing

By Michelle Perrett

Salmonella cases have increased by 3% across the EU since 2014, according to a new report compiled by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

A number of food and drink firms have been forced to recall products

Salmonella and allergy fears force product recalls

By Laurence Gibbons

Salmonella fears, breaking beer bottles and allergen worries were some of the reasons food and drink manufacturers were forced to recall products last week, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Egg factory owner arrested in connection with fatal salmonella outbreak

German arrest linked to fatal salmonella outbreak

By Alice Foster

A German egg factory owner has been arrested in connection with a fatal salmonella outbreak, as a US former peanut company boss was sentenced to 28 years in jail over an unrelated outbreak which claimed nine lives. 

Screening for salmonella in chocolate

Screening for salmonella in chocolate

While high volume screening for salmonella is normally part of the quality control proccess in chocolate production, the discovery of salmonella in a batch of chocolate, which prompted a recent recall, is a reminder of the continuing risk of this pathogen.

The outbreak has been linked to a strain of salmonella typhimurium

51 sick in ‘unique’ salmonella outbreak

By Rod Addy

Food safety authorities are racing to trace the source of a food poisoning outbreak that has sickened 51 people and is potentially linked to cooked ham supplied to small independent butchers.


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