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Norovirus has been causing more illnesses than previously estimated

Food responsible for 2.4m illnesses per year

By Michelle Perrett

Food has been found to be responsible for more cases of illness in the UK than previously estimated, new data from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed.

The FSA said 2 Sisters promptly resolved issues

FSA investigation found ‘process weaknesses’ at 2 Sisters

By Michelle Perrett

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) investigation of 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) plants following the scandal which plagued the company at the end of last year found “several process weaknesses” and “regulatory failures”.

Russell Hume has entered administration following a FSA investigation

Russell Hume turns on FSA as it enters administration

By Aidan Fortune

Meat supplier Russell Hume has turned on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as it emerged it had entered administration, with directors claiming “impossible trading conditions” following an FSA investigation.

Shah: manufacturers should face the new reality of greater transparency in the supply chain

Business Leaders’ Forum

Transparent supply chains are the future

By Noli Dinkovski

Food and drink manufacturers shouldn’t “bury their heads in the sand” but face up to the “new reality” of greater transparency in the supply chain, the boss of a UK ingredients importer has claimed.

The FSA believes third-party hygiene audits need to be more robust

Food Standards Agency reforms are not a ‘secret mission’

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) reforms under its Regulating Our Future (ROF) programme are about making the Agency “fit for purpose” and not a “back door” way of shifting the full cost burden of inspecting food businesses onto the industry while...

Brexit has focused the need for more NFCU powers, says food crime boss Andy Morling

Food Crime Unit needs up to £5M more to investigate fraud

By Rick Pendrous

The National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) would only take on investigatory powers on top of its intelligence gathering activities if it received ministerial support and between £4M and £5M a year of extra government funding, it emerged at the Food Standards...

The Food Standards Agency’s remit should be expanded in the run up to Brexit: DWF

Stronger FSA needed to avoid Brexit ‘quagmire’

By Noli Dinkovski

The remit of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) should be expanded to stop the industry sleepwalking into a “regulatory quagmire” after the UK has left the EU, a leading food lawyer has claimed.

Food industry must notify the FSA when serious food safety risks are identified

Food industry must share more data with the FSA

By Rick Pendrous

Food safety experts have welcomed recommendations from a select committee of MPs that there should be a far more systematic process for sharing data and intelligence obtained from private sector audits of food businesses with the Food Standards Agency...

The alleged food safety breaches at 2 Sister’s West Bromwich plant should serve as a ‘wake-up call’

2 sisters food safety incident should act as ‘wake-up call’

By Gwen Ridler

The alleged food safety incident at 2 Sisters Food Group’s West Bromwich chicken cutting plant was not a “one-off” for the company and should act as a “wake-up call” for food regulators and accreditation services, according to a House of Commons report.

David Edwards has criticised the FSA’s plans for certified regulatory auditors

Auditing expert hits out at FSA’s reforms

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) flagship Regulating Our Future (ROF) programme has been criticised for being “on a wobble”, by a leading food hygiene auditing expert.

2 Sisters owner Boparan Holdings has reported a drop in profits in its full-year results

2 Sisters owner’s profits drop in full-year results

By Gwen Ridler

Boparan Holdings, the parent company of 2 Sisters Food Group, has reported a £26M drop in operating profit in its full-year results, as it struggles with a “tough trading environment” and rising input costs.

2 Sisters boss Ranjit Boparan disclosed measures to improve food safety at the firm’s West Bromwich plant

2 Sisters boss sought to reassure MPs on factory safety

By Michelle Perrett

The boss of 2 Sisters Food Group Ranjit Boparan has said he would personally visit all retailers to reassure them of the safety of its West Bromwich plant, which was the subject of an undercover press investigation and Commons select committee inquiry.

Food Manufacture editor Rick Pendrous: cutting food safety corners is common


Cutting food safety corners is common

By Rick Pendrous

This issue of Food Manufacture goes to press the day after 2 Sisters Food Group boss Ranjit Boparan gave evidence to the House of Commons’ Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee.

Boparan agrees to fund FSA inspectors at all 2SFG cutting plants

2 Sisters’ Boparan to fund FSA inspections at all cutting plants

By Michelle Perrett

Ranjit Boparan, the boss of 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG), has agreed to fund Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspectors across all of its plants as well as implement CCTV in all areas and improve staff training to restore confidence in its poultry production....

EFRA chairman Neil Parish MP: ‘This should not have happened. All of you are culpable’

2 Sisters safety breaches: meat assurance schemes ‘culpable’

By Michelle Perrett

Chairman of the House of Commons’ Environment Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) select committee Neil Parish MP has accused the UK’s main meat assurance schemes of being “culpable” for the alleged breaches of food safety identified in an undercover press...

2 Sisters Food Group boss Ranjit Boparan will appear before a parliamentary committee today

2 Sisters boss Boparan faces parliamentary committee today

By Michelle Perrett

2 Sisters Food Group boss Ranjit Boparan will appear before a parliamentary committee today (October 25), after allegations were made about food safety, hygiene and welfare breaches at the company’s West Bromwich plant.

Ranjit Singh Boparan has been called to give evidence at a parliamentary committee hearing this month

2 Sisters’ boss called to parliamentary hearing

By Gwen Ridler

2 Sisters Food Group boss Ranjit Boparan has been called to appear before a parliamentary inquiry, after allegations of food safety, hygiene and welfare breaches at its West Bromwich plant.

Food Manufacture editor Rick Pendrous: the FSA needs more resources to cope with a hard Brexit

Supply chains opinion

More FSA resources to meet hard Brexit

By Rick Pendrous

Given Boris Johnson’s continued hotly contested assertion that repatriation of the UK’s £350M weekly contribution to the EU could provide a huge additional spending boost to the NHS, that won’t leave much left for the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Food safety culture ‘failure’ at chicken plant

Culture of food safety missing at 2 Sisters chicken plant

By Rick Pendrous

2 Sisters Food Group’s (2SFG’s) West Bromwich chicken processing site needs to set up a far more effective hygiene culture and whistleblowing procedures to prevent a reoccurrence of the unacceptable practises identified by the recent undercover investigation...

Eight cake mix products were recalled over fipronil contamination fears

Eggs scandal

Fipronil in eggs: Eight cake mix products recalled

By Matt Atherton

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed eight cake mix product recalls over fears that eggs used in their manufacturing have been contaminated with the insecticide fipronil, taking the total number of recalls to nearly 40 products.

Efforts to reduce food waste by date label changes could put firms at risk

Food firms ‘hamstrung’ by date labels

By Paul Gander

Newly-consolidated date-labelling guidelines aim to help reduce food waste, but do nothing to allay the fear of prosecution which makes manufacturers more, rather than less, cautious in this area, according to one legal expert.

The FSA has revealed 14 recalls prompted by fears the products were produced with imported liquid eggs contaminated with fipronil

Egg contamination spreads to liquid egg products

By Matt Atherton

The probe into imported egg products contaminated with the insecticide has spread to food products made with imported liquid eggs, manufacturers have been warned, after Professor Chris Elliott predicted an intensification of the scandal last week.

About 700,000 contaminated eggs were imported into the UK

About 700,000 contaminated eggs imported into UK

By Matt Atherton

The number of imported eggs contaminated with the insecticide fipronil is now estimated at 700,000, leading the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to reveal recalls for a wide range of food products affecting some of Britain’s biggest retailers.

Poultry and chicken recalls in Europe are at there highest since 2002

Poultry recalls hit a 15-year high across Europe

By Gwen Ridler

Recalls of chicken and poultry meat products across Europe are at a 15-year high, according to a report from business consultancy Stericycle Expert Solutions, with bacterial contamination accounting for more than 90% of food alerts.

FSA’s Hancock: ‘This is about strengthening regulations; making it better’

FSA will carry on work with EU safety body

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is confident that its plans for risk-based regulatory change under the Regulating our Future initiative will not be “knocked off course” by the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, currently underway.


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