DB Foods labelling error causes heavyweight MuscleFood meat recall

By Aidan Fortune

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A raft of MuscleFood products have been recalled due to a date labelling error by DB Foods
A raft of MuscleFood products have been recalled due to a date labelling error by DB Foods

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Meat products supplied to online retailer MuscleFood by wholesaler DB Foods have been recalled due to use-by date procedures that were not legally compliant.

The decision to recall was taken by MuscleFood, following an unannounced inspection by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) of DB Foods.

MuscleFood supplies meat products via its website directly to the public and the business is contacting all of its affected customers to make them aware of the recall.

In a statement on the MuscleFood website, director Darren Beale explained the situation. Beale, who is also listed as a director of DB Food Group according to Companies House, said it was an incorrect date label that caused the recall.

“One of our BRC ​[British Retail Consortium] AA accredited suppliers mistakenly applied the wrong use-by date on a small number of products; longer than the 10 days the FSA advises,”​ he said. “MuscleFood have made the decision to do a voluntary recall on all these products.”

The FSA said there was no indication that people had become ill from eating meat supplied by DB Foods. It is continuing to investigate DB Foods procedures along with local authorities and “further action will be taken if necessary”.

A statement from DB Foods said MuscleFood was the only customer to be affected. 

"Following a routine inspection from Food Standards Agency ​[FSA], an isolated error in the use-by date labelling for a small number of our products was identified, which has now been remedied. Products were labelled with a use-by date beyond the 10 days recommended by FSA," ​it said. "Only one of our customers received the mislabeled batch of products; our sister company MuscleFood. We immediately notified them and Muscle Food has contacted all affected customers to implement a precautionary product recall. 

"It is important to note that while both companies are part of the wider DB Food Group, they are run independently of each other and have no shared functions. As a BRC AA rated supplier, we welcome the FSA’s inspections across the industry. We have worked closely with them throughout this process and are pleased to report that FSA has identified no further issues. As this was a small, isolated incident, our wider distribution has not been impacted and all operations continue as normal.

"DB Foods has an excellent record in safety and takes pride in the quality of its products. We will continually work to ensure that this quality is not compromised."

According to the FSA, there was no evidence of wider problems across DB Foods sites and no further action that would affect the business has been necessary. Distribution from its sites is continuing and is being overseen by FSA staff.

MuscleFood customers that received their order between January 25 2018 and February 3 2018 were the most likely to be affected.

Beale added that MuscleFood is working with DB Foods to resolve the situation before recommencing supply.

"MuscleFood ceased sourcing meat from DB Foods immediately once we were made aware of the use-by-date issue. We have since received assurances from DB Foods that this issue has been remedied and we will continue to source meat from them in the future following FSA’s confirmation they are satisfied with DB Foods revised procedures. Supply is expected to commence again shortly.

The FSA and Food Standards Scotland have already announced a review of cutting plants and cold stores​ following separate investigations into the meat sector including the Russell Hume​ and 2 Sisters Food Group​ situations.

List of recalled Muscle Food products

MuscleFood - MF_B04 Beef Fillet Steak - 2x142-170g L/T British

MuscleFood - MF_B101 Light Beef Burgers - 2 X 4oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B104 Beef Hache Steaks - Chilli 2x170-199g

MuscleFood - MF_B116 Extra Lean Burgers - 2 X 4oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B137 Sirloin Steaks - 2 X 6-7oz

MuscleFood - MF_B139 British Beef Meatballs - 20 X 20g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B141 Lite Beef Minute Steak - 2 X 4oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B147 Wagyu Hache Steak - 2 X 6oz

MuscleFood - MF_B148 Grassfed X Lean Mince - 400g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B151 Wagyu Burgers - 2 X 4oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B152 Beef New York Strips - 2 X 6-7oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B154 Wagyu Meatball - 12x20g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B155 Dragon Fire Hache - 2x170-199g

MuscleFood - MF_B159 Rump Steak Burger - 2 X 4oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B16 Beef Rump Steak - 1x170-199g British

MuscleFood - MF_B169 Extra Lean Mince - 200g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B178 Zero Fat Rump Steak - 2 X 6-7oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B179 Zero Fat Sirloin Steak - 2 X 6-7oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B181 Centre Cut Steaks - 2 X 6oz Pack Thick Cut

MuscleFood - MF_B182 Centre Cut Steaks - 2 X 4oz Pack Thin Cut

MuscleFood - MF_B183 Giant Meatballs - 4 X 50g

MuscleFood - MF_B186 Melt Midd. Chse Burger - 2 X 4oz Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B193 Monterey Jack & Jal. - Burgers 2x5oz

MuscleFood - MF_B195 Cheese And Bacon Burge - 2 X 5oz

MuscleFood - MF_B196 Rump Pink Peppercorn - Butter 2 X 6-7oz

MuscleFood - MF_B197 Beef Tomahawk Steak - 900gm Packs

MuscleFood - MF_B203 Free Range Meatballs - 350g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B204 Gnt Free Range Meatball - 300g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_B211 X Lean Peri Peri Hache - Steaks - 2x150g

MuscleFood - MF_B226 Angus Lean Burger - 2 X 114g ( 4oz )

MuscleFood - MF_B23 Beef Steak Burgers - 4x114g British

MuscleFood - MF_B230 Beef Sirloin Join - 1kg

MuscleFood - MF_B26 Braising Steak - 5x100g British

MuscleFood - MF_B27 Diced Lean Beef - 400g Pack - British

MuscleFood - MF_B32 Hache Steak - 2x170-199g

MuscleFood - MF_B36 Rump Steaks - 2x170-199g Irish Gf

MuscleFood - MF_B37 Fillet Steaks - Irish Grass Fed 2x142-170g

MuscleFood - MF_B55 Beef Meatball Large - 6x57g British

MuscleFood - MF_B70 Minced Beef Extra Lean - 400g British

MuscleFood - MF_B74 Picanha Rump Steak - 2x170-199g British

MuscleFood - MF_B79 Rump Steak - 2x227-255g British

MuscleFood - MF_B80 Sirloin Steak - 2x170-199g British

MuscleFood - MF_B81 Sirloin Steak - 2x227-255g British

MuscleFood - MF_B86 Minced Beef Lean 90vl - 400g Irish

MuscleFood - MF_B87 Rump Steak - 1x908g

MuscleFood - MF_B99 Organic Diced Beef - 454g Packs

MuscleFood - MF_P58 Pork Tenderloin - 400-600g Pack

MuscleFood - MF_Xo03 Venison Burgers - 2 X 114g Per Pack

MuscleFood - MF_V04 Veal Meatballs - 12 X 30g

MuscleFood - MF_L03 Lamb Leg Diced - 400g

MuscleFood - MF_B34 Beef Sirloin Steak - 2x170g

MuscleFood - MF_B77 Beef Rib Eye Steaks - 2x198g

MuscleFood - MF_L01 Lamb Leg Boneless - 1.8kg

MuscleFood - MF_Vn12 Venison Diced - 400g

MuscleFood - MF_P08 Pork Loin Steak - 400g

MuscleFood - MF_B158 Lite Beef Fillet Steaks - 2x142g

MuscleFood - MF_V03 Veal Chop - 1x9~10oz

MuscleFood - MF_P12 Bbq Pork Loin Steak - 400g

MuscleFood - MF_P27 Pork Medallion - 400g

MuscleFood - MF_B106 Beef Minute Steaks - 2x113g

MuscleFood - MF_B75 Beef Picanha Steaks - 2x170g

MuscleFood - MF _B184 Lite Beef Sirloin Steak - 2x170g

MuscleFood - MF_B119 Beef Peppered Steak - 2x142g

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Bad practice revealed!

Posted by Carl P,

This could potentially bring to our attention a long time ordinary food business habit to take UK customers trust for granted.

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Isolated incident?

Posted by Mel Calaby,

That list of Muscle Foods products affected by this incident tends to suggest that the 'mislabelling' was more than an isolated incident.

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Isolated incident?

Posted by Mel Calaby,

That list of Muscle Foods producted affected by this incident tends to suggest that the 'mislabelling' was more than an isolated incident.

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