Branston in £5M factory expansion

Branston in £5M factory expansion to reduce waste

By Matt Atherton

Potato supplier Branston has partnered with Tesco to open a £5M extension of its Lincolnshire factory, which will be used to reduce food waste by peeling wonky spuds for mashed potato.

Artificial sweeteners may raise appetite levels

Sweeteners ‘make people eat more’

By Noli Dinkovski

Mounting evidence that artificial sweeteners can raise appetite levels, and lead to increased calorie intake, has been backed up by a major new study that claims to show for the first time why this response occurs.

Mrs Hussain was 'shocked' to find the dead lizard in the Euro Foods tinned tomatoes

Dead lizard found in tinned tomatoes

By Laurence Gibbons

A dead lizard has forced food wholesaler Euro Foods to launch an investigation after a couple found one in can of tomatoes.

Food innovation trends will include a focus on texture and 'playful', according to a futurologist

Texture and 'playful' foods are new trends

By Rick Pendrous

Exciting new food textures will be among the emerging trends over the next three years, together with more "playful" products for adults and more widespread use of edible packaging, according to a leading food futurologist.

Heading to street food markets could provide the food industry with immediate and authentic feedback

Street food tells manufacturers what’s on trend

By Michael Stones

Visiting street food markets will provide food manufacturers and retailers with instant and authentic feedback about new products and the latest food trends, claim stall holders at London’s newest street food market.

Meat-free meals are on the rise

Flexitarianism to be next ‘mega trend’

By Laurence Gibbons

Flexitarianism will be the next ‘mega trend’ leading to sales of vegetarian foods in the UK to grow by 10% by 2016, according to food trends agency The Food People.

Den Hollander: Don’t look for ‘a NPD silver bullet’

Young’s: stop seeking NPD silver bullet

By Gary Scattergood

Frozen food manufacturers should not concentrate on finding “a single new product development [NPD] silver bullet” to increase sales but, instead, segment their offerings to particular types of shoppers.

Trade Talk

Trade Talk

Don't run the risk of needless waste

Frugality, the word of 2009

Frugality, the word of 2009

The dawn of New Year is upon us but rather than optimism consumers have a palpable feeling of trepidation as they enter 2009.Concern over expanding...

Stuff 'n' nonsense

Stuff 'n' nonsense

By Lynda Searby

When it comes to over-eating, consumers appear to have no sense - or at least no self-control. Rod Addy reports on our survey


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