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Many more natural options to colour foods with red

No bugs in new red colouring

By Nicholas Robinson

A fermentation process to produce the natural red pigment carmine has been developed by Chr Hansen.

The European Commission's guidance has been welcomed by food manufacturers

EC guidance published on food colourants

By Nicholas Robinson

Food manufacturers have welcomed new European Commission (EC) guidance on the classification of food extracts with colouring traits and additives that colour food.

Interest in stronger cheese flavours is growing

Worth its salt

By Michelle Knott

Cheese's salt content is bad for its image but it's there for a good reason, reports Michelle Knott

Bredmose is sure Chr Hansen will win its gut and immunity claims


By Lynda Searby

Lars Bredmose speaks candidly to Lynda Searby about Chr Hansen's probiotics strategy in a hostile regulatory climate

A more consistent way to see red

A more consistent way to see red

Red Strawberry Fragaria is the newest natural colour to be launched by Chr Hansen. Designed for fermented milk and fruit preparations, it offers a more cost-effective and consistent way to colour yogurt with a lower concentration of the colour that is...

Smiley culture

Smiley culture

There's huge growth in cheese and yoghurt cultures, says Peter Olesen, executive VP of corporate research at Chr Hansen. But as Elaine Watson finds, that's just for starters