‘Could do more’, was the NFU’s assessment, one year on, of Tesco’s pledge to bring meat home

Tesco slammed for not buying enough British beef

By Michael Stones

Britain’s biggest retailer is not doing enough to support UK farming by honouring its pledge to buy more British meat – particularly fresh beef, says the National Farmers Union (NFU).

Dawn Meats supplies a range of meat products, including ready-to-heat meals

Dawn Meats to buy into French beef processor

By Rod Addy

Dawn Meats plans to buy a significant minority stake in French beef processor Elivia from its owner, cooperative Terrena, amid aims to boost its global exports and increase efficiency.

The DEFRA boss has signed a beef and lamb export deal valued at £100M over three years

DEFRA boss signs £100M beef and lamb export deal

By Mike Stones

Environment secretary Owen Paterson has succeeded in his mission to persuade Russian authorities to sign an export deal for British beef and lamb, expected to be worth £100M over the next three years. 

Beef about costs: the soaring costs of beef production are a challenge to the global industry

Soaring beef costs challenge global meat industry

By Gary Scattergood

The gap between beef prices and the cost of production is narrowing across the globe – with developing countries in particular recording vast increases in the amount it costs to produce protein.

Australian firm launch European beef jerky

Australian beef jerky is softer for European tastes

Australia's premium beef jerky and biltong producer Mariani Foods has launched a European brand of meat jerky called Legends. Mariani says this "new generation of beef jerky" is soft and easy to chew, unlike most of the harder jerkies available...

The horse meat scandal is an ideal opportunity for British farmers to promote premium beef, said EBLEX

Britain’s beef producers fight back against horse scandal

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s beef farmers have identified the continuing scandal of horse meat in processed meat products as an ideal opportunity to promote UK produce, supplied to Assured Food Standards which guarantee its quality and authenticity.

Paterson pledged to increase growth while improving the environment


DEFRA boss: My three food industry resolutions for 2013

By Gary Scattergood

Secretary of state at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Owen Paterson has outlined his three New Year’s resolutions for the food industry. In this exclusive article for, Paterson reflects on what he will do in...

Man with muscle

Man with muscle

By Freddie Dawson

Most people would not start a new business in a recession. But Stuart Ferretti, owner and director of The London Fine Meat Company (LFMC) is not most people. In the 12 months since he launched the firm, he has rapidly increased turnover by focusing on...

Record profits for Cranswick as new coo arrives

Record profits for Cranswick as new coo arrives

By Ben Bouckley

Cranswick announced today that it has appointed former fresh pork md Adam Couch as chief operating officer (coo), as it unveiled record sales and profits for 2010/11.

UK is missing out on lucrative overseas market for offal

UK is missing out on lucrative overseas market for offal

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s meat processors are missing out on lucrative overseas demand for offal, it has emerged. This is particularly the case with tripe (large stomach lining) – and other so-called ‘fifth quarter’ by-products of carcass ‘deconstruction’.