The Black Farmer is cutting antibiotics from a range of its pork cuts

The Black Farmer cuts antibiotics in its pork

By James Ridler

Gluten-free sausage brand The Black Farmer is to launch a range of pork products using pork raised without antibiotics, the first mainstream brand to do so, it claimed.

Faccenda cut its antibiotic use by 70% over the past two years

Faccenda cuts antibiotics as EU ‘proves’ AMR risk

By Matt Atherton

Poultry processor Faccenda Foods has cut its antibiotic use by 70% over the past two years, as evidence mounts that its use increases the risk of antibiotic resistance (AMR) in humans and animals.

Proos said SAFE could lead development of targeted probiotic biocides

Food Safety Conference

Factory microbiome helps target hygiene

By Rick Pendrous

A new predictive software toolbox, being developed by a research consortium, which aims to help food manufacturers improve factory food safety, was described at Food Manufacture’s 2017 food safety conference last month (June 22).

Mars’s boss David Crean: ‘We need to think differently about food safety ...’

Mars uses technology to raise safety

By Rick Pendrous

Global food giant Mars is undertaking a large research project to “sequence the supply chain” in a move to improve food safety. 

Probiotics are defined as live micro-organisms that benefit their host

First health claim in sight for vitamin B12 probiotic

By Noli Dinkovski

The first probiotic to gain a health claim from the EU has moved a step nearer, after a Dutch firm claimed it had managed to modify bacteria to produce substantial amounts of vitamin B12.

Retailers test for campylobacter

Laboratory equipment spotlight

Retailers test for campylobacter

By Rick Pendrous

Intertek is working with many UK retailers in a bid to help reduce campylobacter, the UK’s most common form of food poisoning. Around four in every five cases of campylobacter poisoning comes from contaminated chicken.

Measuring cronobacter in infant formula powder

Laboratory equipment spotlight

Measuring cronobacter in infant formula powder

By Rick Pendrous

A new molecular detection method for cronobacter – a pathogen often found in powdered infant formula that can cause fatal infections – has been introduced by 3M Food Safety. It is claimed to save two-to-four days during the testing process.

The British poultry sector has led the way in cutting the use of antibiotics

Antibiotic overuse is target for action

By Rick Pendrous

Experts from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have called on the food supply chain to reduce, replace and re-think the use of antimicrobials in animals to address the problem of antimicrobial resistance...

Professor Buttriss: ‘The evidence base has grown’

Can gut bugs promote good health?

By Judy Buttriss

The interest in bugs – in this case those that inhabit the human gut – continues to grow as research reveals the fascinating symbiotic relationships that exist between them and us, and the impact of these on our health.

Dr Roy Betts speaking at the food safety conference

Safety conference

Genomics takes on the food safety assessment mantle

By Rick Pendrous

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is revolutionising the public health detection of pathogens, by rapidly accelerating the speed and precision of locating the sources of food poisoning outbreaks, Dr Roy Betts, head of microbiology at Campden BRI told Food...

3M has launched a new lactic acid bacteria count plate

Lactic acid bacterial count efficiency raised

By Rick Pendrous

A new lactic acid bacteria count plate that facilitates fermentation and prevents unwanted spoilage of products, has been introduced by laboratory testing specialist 3M.

Corrugated paper has advantages when used to handle fresh produce

Corrugated paper fights plastic for fresh produce share

By Paul Gander

Some large UK retailers are failing to demonstrate the environmental benefits commonly attributed to plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP) when used for fresh produce, instead preferring it for reasons of supply-chain efficiency, the Confederation...


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