Anaerobic Digestion

Food processors, including Arla’s UK dairies as pictured, use large amounts of water for processing and cleaning

Water management is key as manufacturing costs rise

By Rick Pendrous

Many food and drink manufacturers are missing out on large potential cost savings by not managing their water use and disposal more effectively, according to environmental services group Veolia, which provides a range of waste, water and energy management...

A lobby group claimed pigs were living in squalid conditions at a farm

Wyke Farms rethinks deal with pig farm after video emerges

By Matt Atherton

Wyke Farms is reviewing its partnership with JMW Farms Ltd’s Lambrook Pig Farm, after video footage obtained by animal welfare and vegan lobbyist Viva! claimed to show the farm’s pigs were living among dead pigs.

The UK could save £3.7bn by recycling food waste, instead of sending it to landfill

Recycling all food waste could save the UK £3.7bn

By Matt Atherton

The UK could save £3.7bn by using food waste sent to landfill for renewable biofertiliser, claimed a food waste expert, after figures last month confirmed domestic food waste alone topped 7.3Mt.

Cumbrian anaerobic digestion plant

Aspatria gets new AD facility

By Rick Pendrous

A new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant has been built by Lake District Biogas at First Milk’s Aspatria creamery in Cumbria to generate bio-methane. 

Muntons: has sent digestate to Dr Adam Roberts at University College London for analysis

Maltster’s plant harbours antibiotics potential

By Noli Dinkovski

A Suffolk maltster is investigating the potential that its anaerobic digestion (AD) plant is producing antibiotics that could potentially be developed as a medicine to combat Micrococcus and drug resistant E.coli.

Digester Left to right: James Thompson – head of operations at Stokesley-based anaerobic digestion plant developer JFS Associates Ryad Apasa – head of operations at R&R Ice Cream’s Leeming Bar site.

R&R Ice Cream plant in top five after £25M spend

By Michael Stones

R&R Ice Cream’s £25M investment at its Leeming Bar factory in North Yorkshire has boosted output by 20% and made the firm the globe’s third largest ice cream manufacturer.

Refood's anaerobic digestion plant for food waste at PDM

Anaerobic digestion firms slam subsidy cuts

By Michelle Perrett

Close to 350 anaerobic digestion (AD) schemes in the food and drink sector are at risk if the government continues with its latest plans to reform the Feed-in Tariff scheme, the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) has claimed.

11Mt of food is landfilled

Food waste to landfill hots up

By Alyson Magee

Reducing the amount of waste food businesses produce enhances their bottom lines as well as their reputations, as Alyson Magee discovers


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