Leicester farm is latest to adopt AD

Meat producer adopts anaerobic digestion

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Being able to combine farm and food waste made arable, beef and pig producer A C Shropshire in Leicester a suitable candidate for the installation of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. Previously manure was stored in large tanks being applied to the arable land, which generated a nuisance odour.

BCI Process used Projen's initial design concept. The completed plant will process 20,000t of manure generated by the farm, which will be blended with around 25,500t of human food by-products. Wastes elements will be mixed before passing through three 5,000m³ fermenting tanks at a rate of 100-120t a day in a process lasting more than 30 days.

The gas produced is cleaned and supplied to a combined heat and power system to produce heat and power for the farm and for export to the Grid. Liquid residue is stored in two other tanks for up to six months before being spread on land as organic fertiliser. The process will produce 2MW of electricity and about 43,000t of liquid fertiliser.

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