Gas burner optimises brewing

Brewery firm’s cost bebefits from gas burner

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Installing a TX 30 modulating gas and air burner system from Lanemark International has brought cost and efficiency benefits to AB UK's new brewery.

Adrian Langford, general manager at Lanemark International says: “The TX burner system fires through the wall of the vessel into a submerged tubular heat exchanger the products of combustion are pulled through by an exhaust fan to ensure optimum distribution of heat within the liquid.”

Nene Valley Brewery’s owner Richard Simpson explains: “The heat-up time is extremely good with the burner initiated as soon as the liquid covers a level probe. By the end of its transfer from the mash tun to a total depth of 41 inches, the temperature has been fully raised to just below boiling with a controlled ‘rolling boil’ then held to optimise the brewing process.”​ Control is achieved digitally by automatic control during warm up and subsequently manually using a temperature controller wired to a stainless steel immersion temperature sensor.

Simpson highlights that the new system is more efficient than steam or electric alternatives. “We even use the kettle to heat water which we then pump into the electrically powered hot liquor tank alongside," ​he says. “Cleaning operations are also very simple, helped by the fact that the heat is spread evenly along the tube system.”

Contact: Lanemark International

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