All news articles for February 2013

U-turn ahead? Chancellor George Osborne may reveal a policy u-turn in his budget statement of March 20, accordng to HSBC

Chancellor could be forced into budget u-turn: HSBC

By Rick Pendrous

Chancellor George Osborne could spring a huge surprise when he announces his budget on March 20 by raising short-term borrowing to stimulate much needed growth in Britain’s stagnant economy, the head of economics at the HSBC has said.

Tesco has pledged that from July all chicken sold in its UK stores will be from British farms

Tesco ‘to bring meat home’ as farmers hail pivotal moment

The boss of Tesco Philip Clarke has promised to buy more British meat and to introduce more stringent testing procedures, as the National Farmers Union (NFU) warned the horsemeat scandal had brought the UK food industry to “a pivotal moment”.

The Nestlé boss warned water shortages threaten food security and social and political stability

Nestlé boss praises higher food prices and speculation

By Mike Stones

Higher food prices and food price speculation should be welcomed, the boss of the world’s biggest food company Nestlé told the audience at the City Food Lecture at London’s Guildhall this week.

ABF dismissed Oxfam’s claims as ‘ridiculous’

ABF in ‘human cost’ supply chain row with Oxfam

By Mike Stones

Associated British Foods (ABF) is locked in row with Oxfam about what the charity claims is the “veil of secrecy” the food manufacturing giant allegedly uses to hide the “human cost” of its supply chain.

Seven top tips could help to take the drama out of your food manufacturing crisis

Seven tips to manage a food manufacturing crisis

By Richard Barker

The product recall in mid-January when equine DNA was found in supermarket burgers has rapidly turned into an international scandal exposing complex cross-border supply chains.

IKEA famous for cheap furniture and meatballs - some with horse DNA, it was revealed today

IKEA dragged into horsemeat scandal

By Mike Stones

Furniture giant IKEA has become the latest retailer to be drawn into the horsemeat scandal, after tests in the Czech Republic revealed traces of horsemeat in a consignment of meatballs made in Sweden.

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