Natural fruit flavours for yogurt

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Natural fruit flavours for yogurt
Many traditional fruit flavours have a natural affinity with high-fat dairy systems, such as strawberries in yogurt. When these same flavours are used in reduced- or fat-free systems they nearly always lose their flavour and integrity. Create Flavours set about a year-long project to identify the synergistic effects that occur between specific flavour molecules in fruit flavours and dairy products. As a result, it has created a range of natural flavourings to increase acceptability of fruit flavours in low-fat dairy systems, especially yogurts.

"There appear to be a number of key flavour elements that are responsible," ​says md Jon Jones. "Think about flavour molecules in a Venn diagram with, say, strawberry molecules populating one set and dairy molecules the other. It's the intersect that we are interested in, this is where you find the key materials that allow you to increase elements such as creaminess, while maintaining the overall impression of the fruit."

The firm has created solutions for popular dairy flavours such as strawberry, raspberry and peach and is continuing the programme with tropical flavours.

All of the flavourings are suitable for use in organic products.

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