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Blue cheese shows how to get a pierce of the action

Improved safety, hygiene, repeatability and productivity are claimed for a new system for piercing cheese that requires the growth of mould cultures to give a characteristic blue vein appearance and distinctive flavour.

The new Roaches International machines comprise a carousel feed table with programmable logic controlled position sensing and vertical piercing.

Cheeses are manually loaded and unloaded from the same working position to make it user friendly. The cycle time is reduced to just a few seconds. Rapid changeover of the piercing heads is possible, thanks to the novel guarding system design.

The machine is capable of working with semi-soft through to harder cheese with infinite adjustment possible through the control system. A stripper plate is incorporated into the design to prevent unnecessary compression of the cheese during the piercing cycle and to stop damage to the product through withdrawal of the piercing needles.

Contact: Roaches International, Tel: 01538 300 425

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