Could this be the fastest sliding door in the West?

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High-speed automatic sliding door functions in freezing temperatures and still manages to maintain energy efficiency

To keep a coldroom at optimum temperature, it is important that doors are not open for long. With this in mind, German high-speed gate specialist Thermo Speed Innovation (TSI) has developed a high-speed automatic sliding door that can function at -36°C.

A single-leaf door has an opening speed of up to 2m/s and the double-leaf format can reach speeds of 4m/s, depending on the door size.

The stainless steel doors are filled with polyurethane hard foam insulation to minimise heat loss and save on energy use.

Each door leaf has two roller carriages with a total of 12 wear-resistant rollers providing a special form of suspension so that the door leaf can run on rails and remain quiet.

A radar unit monitors the area on either side of the door shaft and is activated just before the door closes.

TSI's UK distributor is Caydor Industrial Doors.

Contact: Caydor Industrial DoorsTel: 01400 273 026

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