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Putting worker safety first. Food Manufacture hears about the unseen dangers of refrigeration gas leaks and the benefits of new gas detection for industrial cooling systems in this exclusive feature. Credit: Getty/bluekite

Short read

Improving worker safety with gas detectors

By Shaun Evers

Shaun Evers, managing director of Stonegate, flags the invisible dangers of refrigeration gas leaks and how advancements in gas detection technologies can help make things safer, with the bonus of improved sustainability and efficiency.

Kranghand: 'The food industry must prioritise transparency, ensure it is collecting the right data, and focus on creating a food safety culture.' Image: Getty, Amorn Suriyan


AI tech not ‘magic bullet’ for food safety issues

By Gwen Ridler

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is no ‘magic bullet’ to ensure food safety and developing the right culture must be the first step, warned global assurance partner LRQA.

Kettle Produce admits to failures after hygiene worker was dragged into the machine. Credit: Getty/nirat


Kettle Produce worker strangled by factory machine

By Bethan Grylls

The producer of fresh and prepared vegetables has admitted a guilty plea, saying that ‘lessons have been learned’ after one of its employees was caught in a carrot baton machine and choked unconscious.

Don't miss this year's Food Safety Briefing. Credit: Getty/MiguelMalo


Don’t miss our 2023 Food Safety Briefing

By Bethan Grylls

This year’s Food Safety Briefing theme is science and data – with four special guest experts from Mars Global Food Safety Center, the Food Standards Agency, Unibloc, and Imprint Analytics joining us to share their knowledge.

How might the EU change regulation over Listeria? Credit: Getty/ericsphotography

Long read

EU Listeria law: Potential changes and pitfalls

By Bethan Grylls

With the EU on the precipice of new Listeria regulations, Bethan Grylls reports on Chilled Food Association’s most recent webinar examining the potential avenues this could take and the repercussions.

Müller UK & Ireland has been fined for an accodent at its factory involving an agency worker

Finger amputations cost Müller UK & Ireland £66k

By Gwen Ridler

Müller UK & Ireland has been ordered to pay more than £66k for health and safety failings after an agency worker suffered severe injuries when their fingers were caught in machinery.

Any legal case against a food manufacturer surrounding the coronavirus could set a precedent for the future

Coronavirus legal action threatens to set precedent

By Gwen Ridler

Legal action against food manufacturers blamed for letting their employees get sick from the coronavirus would be difficult to prove, but could lead to serious legal ramifications if upheld in court for the entire industry, law firm Walker Morris has...

Health and safety fines 'could top £10M'

Health and safety fines ‘could top £10M soon’

By Matt Atherton

Health and safety fines in food manufacturing could soon reach more than £10M for a single offence, after a “seismic shift” in the size of penalties since the beginning of last year, according to DWF partner Dominic Watkins.


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