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Leatherhead Food Research's Mark Moss offers a UK focused update on cellular agriculture regulation. Credit: Getty/Dragon Claws

The Business Leaders’ Forum Newsletter

Cellular agriculture: opportunities, regulations and how to get ahead

By Mark Moss

Mark Moss, senior regulatory consultant for Leatherhead Food Research, offers exclusive insight in the second edition of Food Manufacture’s Business Leaders’ Forum newsletter, as he highlights the regulatory challenges facing cellular agriculture and...

How woukld a ban on cell-cultured meat in the US affect the UK market?


Would a ban on lab grown meat in the US affect the UK?

By Taly Dvorkis

In the wake of several Republican-led states in the US pushing for a ban or limit on the sales of cell-cultivated meat, we asked a legal expert what impact – if any – it could have on the UK?

Hoxton Farms makes another big announcement as Nick Halla joins board (pictured)


Hoxton Farms expands board with new member Nick Halla

By Bethan Grylls

The former chief strategy officer and senior vice president of international for Impossible Foods is the latest addition to company's board and is 'huge vote in confidence’ in the latest of a series of big scale-up moves.

How do you define a sausage? Getty/Sigrid Gombert

Food Forensics

Unravelling the sausage conundrum

By Alison Johnson

In her first column of 2024, Food Forensics’ Alison Johnson looks at the legal intricacies of what makes a sausage a sausage.

As 2024 looms, our editor highlights several key moments of 2023. Credit: Getty/smshoot

Long read

7 big moments of 2023 for food and drink

By Bethan Grylls

As we usher in the new year, Bethan Grylls takes a look back over the course of 2023 and flags seven key moments for the food and drink industry.

Ole & Steen and Ivy Farm feature in our latest senior appointment round-up. Credit: Getty/Hispanolistic


Ivy Farm and Ole & Steen announce new recruits

By Bethan Grylls

While Ole & Steen is looking for a new group CEO, it has also announced the new appointment of Graham Hollingshead as its UK MD. Meanwhile, Dr Harsh Amin has joined cultivated meat start-up Ivy Farm as its chief scientific officer.

What's happening in the alternative protein market? Credit: Getty/coldsnowstorm

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Alternative proteins: market snapshot 2023

By Bethan Grylls

Despite retail trends showing a fall in demand for alternative proteins, global revenues are projected to surpass $290bn. Here we look at each market segment and the start-ups with big potential.

The UK took 1% of global investment for cultured meat projects. Pictured: 3DBT's pork steak made from cultured cells


Europe lags behind in lab grown meat race

By Gwen Ridler

UK cultured meat projects took home the fifth highest share of global investment, but Europe is lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to lab grown meat, according to a new report by R&D tax relief specialist GovGrant.