Yeast and enzymes play pivital roles in the development of new food products and the understanding of the gut microbiome


Enzymes and yeast: More than just raising dough

By Gwen Ridler

Yeast has been a powerhouse of food production for millennia, but new developments in fermentation technology have seen the ingredient elevated to do more than just raise our bread and brew beer.

Could fermentation be the solution to the world's protein needs?

Cultures, Enzymes and Yeast feature

Precision fermentation: a techno fix?

By Lynda Searby

Innovation is alive and kicking in the fermentation tech space, where micro-organisms offer game-changing potential for developing alternative proteins and fats.

New screw blowers for Lallemand GB

Lallemand GB opts for rotary screw blowers

By Rick Pendrous

Lallemand GB, which lays claim to being the UK’s largest commercial yeast producer, expects to reduce its energy bills by 25% after installing new rotary screw blowers to generate the process air.

Silver Spoon sales were 'well behind' last year but Primark and Grocery shined

ABF: Sugar slump offset by Primark and grocery

By Michael Stones

A starring performance by clothes retailer Primark and strong growth in grocery helped Associated British Foods (ABF) lift its half-year group profits by £7M to £463M, despite a slump in its sugar business due to lower prices.

Path of yeast resistance

Path of yeast resistance

Functional Technologies has carried out tests in which its acrylamide-preventing (AP) yeast demonstrated "significant reduction of asparagine formation in standard bread making".

Yeast strain offers hope in fight against acrylamide

Yeast strain offers hope in fight against acrylamide

By Elaine Watson

Canadian firm Functional Technologies is seeking partners to help commercialise a radical new approach to tackling acrylamide formation in baked goods based on a proprietary strain of yeast.

Cultural sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity

Probiotics are enjoying a level of growth that other products can only dream of in a recession, says Michelle Knott

Capture the castle

Capture the castle

Encapsulating nutritionally important ingredients can help processors to capture new markets, says Michelle Knott

DSM wholegrain gain

DSM wholegrain gain

DSM has developed BakeZyme WholeGain, an enzyme to help manufacturers of wholegrain bread overcome problems associated with high fibre baking, such...


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