Wild: 'Rationalisation is necessary, but who's got the will to do it?'

Business Leaders' Forum

Market uncertainty will hinder M&A in 2016

By Noli Dinkovski

Market conditions may not be favourable for food and drink mergers and acquisitions (M&A) this year, despite the need for further consolidation in the sector, a leading analyst has claimed.

Five top tips will help manufacturers plan for more effective supermarket audits

Supermarket supplier visits: five top tips

By Darren Smith

For suppliers to the big four supermarkets and the supermarkets themselves, there looks to be no reprieve is in sight from the tough and bloody price wars.

Consumers want lower prices not special offers, according to IGD research

IGD convention 2014

Boost declining sales with lower prices, retailers told

By Nicholas Robinson

Supermarkets must work on lowering prices instead of relying on promotions, if they are to boost their declining sales, delegates at IGD’s annual Convention were told yesterday (October 7).

Cooper is Freedom Food's new ceo

Freedom Food will boost its foodservice presence

By Nicholas Robinson

Freedom Food will tap into the foodservice sector for business in the next 12 months to increase funds and to boost its overall consumer presence, the organisation’s new ceo has said.

Burton's Fish and Chips were popular in the 1980s

Lucrative opportunities in brands from the past: Burtons

By Nicholas Robinson

Reviving food brands from the past could prove even more lucrative if food businesses successfully tap into consumer nostalgia, according to Stuart Wilson, Burton’s Biscuit Company chief commercial officer.

Food firms should scoop growth in the UK's £1bn ice cream sector

Food firms advised to scoop ice cream growth

By Laurence Gibbons

Food firms should take advantage of the UK’s “growing” £1bn ice cream sector by offering new flavours and services to ice cream manufacturers, according to the boss of the Ice Cream Alliance.

End of the line: Robinson warned he may be forced to shut down a packaging line

Jobs will be lost if beer duty stamps approved

By Gary Scattergood

The head of a family brewery has said he'll have no choice but to take out a shift on his packaging line if the government brings in duty stamps for cans and bottled beers.

Cooking to order

Cooking to order

By Elaine Watson

Why hire a full-time chef when you only need his expertise three times a year? Elaine Watson looks at the rise of the interim market in product development


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