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The precise rate of UK beverage carton recycling remains unclear

UK drinks carton recycling is still low

By Paul Gander

A decade after the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK) began setting up a network of ‘bring’ sites across the UK and persuading local authorities to introduce kerbside collection, neither Tetra Pak nor ACE UK is disclosing the national...

Tetra Pak launches cloud-based monitoring of kit

Packaging product file

Tetra Pak launches cloud-based monitoring of kit

By Rick Pendrous

A condition monitoring service has been launched by Tetra Pak to help food and drink manufacturers to predict machine failures before they occur. 

Tetra Pak extends carton technology

Product file

Tetra Pak extends carton technology

By Rick Pendrous

All types of beverage products – including both ambient and chilled and in family or portion-sized packages – can now be filled on Tetra Pak’s E3 machines, which make use of novel eBeam technology, following the rollout of the full range of equipment.

Dairy processor Lancashire Farm Diaries is investing for the future

Crank it up and cream it off

By Paul Gander

What approach should small dairy processors use to invest in equipment in order to increase their product quality and innovate? Paul Gander reports.

Food and drink firms need to offer an over-60s range

Food firms need to offer healthier products for over 60s

By Michelle Perrett

Food and beverage companies need to offer healthier products, fortify foods with vitamins and minerals and have less salt, sugar, calories and fat, to tap into the growing over-60s market, says new research from packaging company Tetra Pak.  

World’s largest homogenizer

World's largest homogeniser

By Rick Pendrous

What is claimed to be the world’s largest capacity food processing homogeniser has gone into operation with its first customer.

Tetra Pak aims to have fully renewable packaging across its portfolio by 2020

Renewable carton use is set to rise

By Paul Gander

Tetra Pak believes it will sell more than 100M ‘green’ cartons this year, with most of the demand coming from European countries.

‘Drinks carton first’ uses electrons for hygiene

‘Drinks carton first’ uses electrons for hygiene

In what is being claimed to be a first for the beverage carton industry, Tetra Pak has launched a filling machine that uses electron beams, rather than hydrogen peroxide, to sterilise packaging material. The Tetra Pak E3 is said to offer a range of benefits...

Investment in dairy processing capacity is needed

Life after milk quotas

By Michelle Knott

While milk prices may be low now, in the future that could change dramatically as global demand outstrips supply, predicts Michelle Knott

Seven up: Seven families with food and drink connections appear on the Sunday Times Super-Rich list

Meet Britain’s food and drink billionaires

By Michael Stones

Britain’s top billionaires with food and drink industry connections are Galen, Hilary and George Weston and family, with a net wealth of £7.3bn, up by £650M, partly thanks to their interests in Associated British Foods (ABF).

Fortifying milk with important nutrients such as vitamin D for products aimed at kids offers a good way to add value to milk, Tetra Pak claimed

Growth opportunity in flavoured milk underplayed

By Rod Addy

Tetra Pak may be downplaying UK dairy processors’ potential for growth in the flavoured milk market, Andy Smith, UK and Ireland marketing manager at the firm, has claimed.


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