Nestlé claimed to cut 6.2bn teasponns of sugar from its products

Nestlé cuts 2.6bn teaspoons of sugar from products

By Gwen Ridler

Nestlé claimed it has cut 2.6 billion (bn) teaspoons of sugar and more than 60bn calories from its products since 2015, as it takes steps to meet its pledge to cut sugar across its confectionery portfolio by 10%.

Syrups: varieties made with sweeteners and/or steviol glycosides are also available

Functional syrups offer ‘huge potential’

By Noli Dinkovski

A leading producer has claimed its functional syrups range offers manufacturers “huge potential” after new figures projected double-figure category growth.

Sweetness varies through ratios

Sweetness from steviol glycosides

By Nicholas Robinson

High consumer demand for ‘naturally sweet’ products has prompted ingredients firm Galam to develop a range of steviol glycoside-derived sweeteners.

A backlash against stevia in the US led Coca-Cola to do a U-turn on its Vitawater recipe

Coca-Cola Company won’t ditch stevia in the UK

By Nicholas Robinson

Sugar reduction campaigners have praised the Coca-Cola Company’s (CCC’s) refusal to drop the natural sweetener stevia in its Glaceau Vitaminwater in the UK, as it has done in the US.

Canadean Ingredients claimed online discussions painted stevia in a more positive light than other sweeteners

Stevia gains popularity on web, according to research

By Nicholas Robinson

More negative online discussions surround aspartame than other sweeteners, as consumers become embroiled in the bitter debate surrounding the health benefits offered by sugar alternatives, a new study has claimed.

Cargill has blended extracts from the stevia plant with high maltose syrup for its latest low-calorie solutions


Multinational firms prepare for half-calorie drinks

By Rod Addy

Major soft drinks companies are gearing up to launching products with half the calories of current versions, thanks to proprietary technologies just hitting the market from ingredients developer Cargill.

Lieve Beyen: Partnership working triggers so many ideas

Natural alliances

By Gary Scattergood

Cargill’s business development and commercial director Lieve Beyen thrives on the benefits of collaboration, says Gary Scattergood

Some global brands have big plans for Stevia's distribution

Green dream

By Lynda Searby

Lynda Searby finds out how the European market for stevia is unfolding

Stevia-based sweeteners could be on sale in the UK as early as next month

Stevia wins final EU approval

By Mike Stones

No-calorie, sweetener stevia has finally won EU approval, prompting a range of firms to accelerate plans to bring products to market.

Game on for stevia...

Game on for stevia...

By Lynda Searby

The dynamics at large in the sweeteners market are similar to those in a football club. As on the football pitch, in the sweeteners market there is rivalry as each player strives to shine as an individual. But teamwork or combinations of sweeteners is...

Cargill works with UK manufacturers on stevia-sweetened products

Cargill works with UK manufacturers on stevia-sweetened products

By Rick Pendrous

Cargill Health & Nutrition is working with a number of UK food manufacturers so that products containing its natural Stevia-based high-intensity sweetener Truvia can be launched soon after it receives approval for use in the EU. Approval is expected...

NZ firm eyes EU entry for natural sweetener from monk fruit

NZ firm eyes EU entry for natural sweetener from monk fruit

By Elaine Watson

The New-Zealand-based firm driving the commercialisation of an intense natural sweetener from monk fruit (luo han guo) is seeking clearance to market it in the EU following successful trials with some of the world’s leading food and drink manufacturers.


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