Rod Addy explores how the UK election is impacting the food sector in his latest column.


We need to talk about … The next Government

By Rod Addy

Anyone who has seen governments come and go and has followed current affairs over the past few years will know the UK’s challenges will not magically disappear with a change at the top.

Legislation ending exports of livestock for slaughter and fattening receives Royal Assent. Credit: Getty/Miguel Perfectti


UK law ends live animal exports

By Bethan Grylls

The Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Act has received Royal Assent and mandates that animals are slaughtered domestically.

Industry experts take Food Manufacture talk us through how to take the stress out of audits. Image: Getty, andresr


Taking the stress out of audits

By Gwen Ridler

Audits can be a time consuming and often confusing practice for food and drink firms, but can the process be simplified? Food Manufacture asked experts in the field what steps manufacturers can take to ease their burden.

Credit: Getty - L-R: Andrew Brookes, ollo & Firn

Short read

UK red tape has ‘killed our innovation’

By Bethan Grylls

In a Westminster session that explored the next steps for novel foods in the UK, founder and CEO of Naturecan UK, explained how his business had been stifled by UK regulation.

Leatherhead Food Research's Mark Moss offers a UK focused update on cellular agriculture regulation. Credit: Getty/Dragon Claws

The Business Leaders’ Forum Newsletter

Cellular agriculture: opportunities, regulations and how to get ahead

By Mark Moss

Mark Moss, senior regulatory consultant for Leatherhead Food Research, offers exclusive insight in the second edition of Food Manufacture’s Business Leaders’ Forum newsletter, as he highlights the regulatory challenges facing cellular agriculture and...

DuelFuel's founder warns functional food innovators of alleged inconsistences in VAT rules, which has 'crippled' his business

Long read

What makes a cake a cake?

By Bethan Grylls

Food Manufacture speaks with DuelFuel's founder Tim Davies after his business has been forced to shut up shop, following what he calls 'an incorrect' decision and a potentially 'dangerous precedent' from HMRC around his product's...

The European Commission has adopted a set of proposals to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. Credit: Getty/Khanchit Khirisutchalual

Short read

Green Claims Directive gets closer to the finish line

By Andrea Gutierrez-Solana

Andrea Gutierrez-Solana, a food and sustainability policy expert and associate director at Whitehouse Communications, offers insights on the EU Green Claims Directive and the requirements it will introduce for companies wanting to promote their product’s...

Yoplait owns a number of children's yoghurt brands including Petits Filous and Frubes. Credit: Yoplait


Yoplait: Narrative around children’s yoghurt must change

By William Dodds

More than 1m children in the UK are at risk of their development being impacted because they lack nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D, according to a new report from kids’ yoghurt manufacturer Yoplait.

We mustn't forget our most important trading partner, says the FDF. Credit: Getty/Studio1222


UK import and export trade snapshot

By Bethan Grylls

The trade report from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), which assessed the period between January and December 2023, warns that new trade barrier rules could reverse export growth.

Welsh Lamb EU exports sees healthy year-on-year rises, but will new regulatory red tape put UK sheep exports at risk? Credit: Getty/Henry Arden


Welsh Lamb exports booming

By Bethan Grylls

Exports of Welsh Lamb and other sheep meats have grown again, whilst beef exports continue to recover.

The Government's new immigration rules risk throwing the meat industry into disarray, warned the BMPA. Image: Getty


Meat industry hits out at new immigration rules

By Gwen Ridler

The Government’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ £38,700 immigration rule will stoke food price inflation and spark a raft of equal pay claims that risk tearing the food industry apart, according to the head of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA).

Burger King has been ordered to pull down ads for its products over fears they maybe reaching under-16s


Burger King ad slammed for advertising to children

By Gwen Ridler

Fast food chain Burger King has been ordered to pull a recent advertising campaign offline over fears it might be promoting foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) to children under the age of 16.

Rebecca Ironmonger explains how the proposed Digital Marketing, Competition and Consumers Bill will alter the legal landscape of green claims. Credit: Getty/Michał Chodyra

Legal Brief

The legalities of eco-labelling and ‘green’ claims on food products

By Rebecca Ironmonger

There has been a rapid increase in the use of eco-labels and claims by businesses that they or their products are environmentally friendly – a result of consumer interest in how their spending is impacting the planet. Rebecca Ironmonger of Roythornes...

The new border rules could cause a major fresh fruit fiasco. Credit: Getty/Studio1222

Short read

BTOM breakdown: Your checklist for 31 January

By Bethan Grylls

This Wednesday 31 January 2024 will see the UK roll out the first stage of its new border rules – here’s what you need to know and why so businesses are worried...

The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive will significantly change the way companies approach ESG. Credit: Getty/MTStock Studio

Short read

How the Due Diligence Directive will impact food and drink producers

By Bethan Grylls

Last December saw the informal agreement from EU Parliament and Council negotiators on new corporative sustainability rules, but what does this mean for food and drink manufacturers and suppliers and their current way of approaching ESG?

How prepared are you for the changes coming to UK borders? Credit: Getty/PCH-Vector


New UK border controls may cause anarchy

By Andrew Thurston

Long-awaited changes to border controls on the import of animals, food and flowers from the EU into the UK may cause significant disruption to trade if suppliers in the EU are not sufficiently prepared. Andrew Thurston, customs duty lead for MHA explores.

Almost a third of UK adults don’t want plant-based food that looks like an animal product. Credit: Getty/ArtMarie


Time to ditch the plant-based copycats?

By Bethan Grylls

Almost a third of UK adults don’t want plant-based food that resembles their animal counterparts, finds research commissioned by law firm Browne Jacobson.

One area to watch closely over the coming year is green claims, says Leatherhead Food Research's Mariko Kubo. Credit: Getty/Ian Nolan

Short read

Manufacturers fret over Green Claims regulation

By Bethan Grylls

Last year’s October Business Leaders revealed that many in the food and beverage processing sector are feeling overwhelmed by regulation. Among the new raft of guidance and laws coming into effect are the proposals around green claims.

Legal expert Katrina Anderson highlights UK regulation to be aware of this year. Credit: Getty/Jonathan Knowles

Legal Brief

Four laws to keep an eye on in 2024

By Katrina Anderson

Katrina Anderson, commercial and regulatory lawyer and associate director at international legal practice, Osborne Clarke, highlights several regulations to be mindful of this new year.

Members of the meat industry share their Christmas wishes Image: Getty, Dan Brownsword


Meat industry shares its Christmas wishes

By Gwen Ridler

With the new year rapidly approaching, we ask members of the meat processing industry to tell us their Christmas wishes and what new developments they’re hoping for the sector in 2024.

As 2024 looms, our editor highlights several key moments of 2023. Credit: Getty/smshoot

Long read

7 big moments of 2023 for food and drink

By Bethan Grylls

As we usher in the new year, Bethan Grylls takes a look back over the course of 2023 and flags seven key moments for the food and drink industry.

Danone, Synergy Flavors and LoSalt speak to Food Manufacture about reformulation. Credit: Top - Danone/Bottom - Synergy Flavors


Food and drink reformulation: the story so far

By Bethan Grylls

Accelerated by the health-conscious consumer and new UK rules, food and drink producers have been working hard to reformulate their recipes. But what have been the obstacles in their way, is there any benefit to these tweaks, and will it help curb obesity?


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