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Baker & Baker’s headquarters in Wirral


Baker & Baker sets deadline for Net Zero

By Bethan Grylls

European bakery products manufacturer Baker & Baker has set target year of 2040 to achieve Net Zero, acknowledging that the long-term challenge will be how to effectively decarbonise the ingredients supply chain.

Experts in sustainability gathered to discuss how they're untangling scope 3 emissions in our recent roundtable session. Credit: Getty/Flashvector

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How can we manage and measure scope 3 emissions?

By Bethan Grylls

In an exclusive roundtable, Food Manufacture heard from industry leaders and SMEs alike, as their sustainability leads discussed the challenges of scope emissions and how food and drink producers could start to manage and measure them accurately and with...

'Food manufacturers often think of themselves as the helpless one in the middle – but there’s a lot they can do', says Dan Crossley of Food Ethics Council. Credit: Getty/Klaus Vedfelt

The link between ethics and Net Zero

By Bethan Grylls

How is ethics and Net Zero related? Food Manufacture hears from Food Ethics Council’s Dan Crossley to find out following his participation in the recent FoodEx panel, 'The Race to Net Zero'.

Left to right: Emma Piercy of the FDF with Bethan Grylls of Food Manufacture


Why can't the UK solve food insecurity? Episode six

By Bethan Grylls

In this penultimate instalment of our documentary around food insecurity sponsored by RSSL, Bethan visits the Food and Drink Federation's headquarters to chat to its head of climate and energy policy, Emma Piercy.

If we are to deliver on Net Zero we need a clear plan. Credit: Getty / Abstract Aerial Art

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We need to be climate literate

By Bethan Grylls

Sustainability strategies permeate the air as copiously as the greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere, so why aren’t we on track to hit 2050 Net Zero targets?


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