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From the implications of current legislation covering energy use to compliance with international rules governing nutrition labelling, we pose your legal questions to experts in food law.

A Somerset gangmaster has been fined £4,000 for supplying workers to a fish processor without a licence

Gangmaster fined for ‘acting above the law’

By James Ridler

A Somerset gangmaster who ignored repeated warnings and acted “above the law” has been ordered to pay more than £4,000, after admitting to supplying workers to a fish processing plant without the necessary gangmaster licence.

Food manufacturers have been warned to check the credentials of hired migrant labour

Food firms should check agencies to stop slavery

By Noli Dinkovski

Food manufacturers are being encouraged to check the credentials of hired migrant labour after the Salvation Army reported a five-fold increase in the number of slavery victims it had helped in England and Wales since 2012.

It was unlikely a student would be unwrapping a free lifetime supply of Kit Kat after purchasing a defective bar

Kit Kat claim woman ‘won’t get lifetime supply’

By Laurence Gibbons

A woman who has demanded a lifetime supply of Kit Kats after purchasing a defective multipack of the biscuits was unlikely to succeed despite claiming monetary and emotional distress, according to a legal expert.

Ahmad is demanding a lifetime supply of Kit Kat (image credit: SWNS)

Student demands lifetime supply of Nestlé after bar blunder

By Laurence Gibbons

A student has threatened legal action unless Nestlé provides her with a lifetime supply of her favourite chocolate bar Kit Kat, after she purchased a multipack in which none of the bars contained a wafer biscuit.

Coupe has had his conviction for embezzlement overturned

Sainsbury boss escapes Egyptian jail

By Laurence Gibbons

Sainsbury boss Mike Coupe has escaped a jail term in Egypt after he was acquitted of attempted embezzlement by an Egyptian court.

Mike Coupe's appeal hearing in an Egyptian court has been adjourned until May 21

Sainsbury boss jail appeal hearing date set

By Michael Stones

Sainsbury boss Mike Coupe’s appeal hearing in an Egyptian court against his two-year jail sentence has been postponed until Thursday May 21, as the retailer revealed its first loss in a decade in full-year results posted today (May 6).

Justin King faces three years in an Egyptian jail

Jail threat now for Sainsbury’s ex boss Justin King

By Michael Stones

Sainsbury’s former boss Justin King now faces the threat of imprisonment in an Egyptian jail, after it emerged earlier this week that current chief executive Mike Coupe was sentenced to two years’ in prison for an embezzlement conviction.

Mike Coupe: sentenced to two years in an Egyptian jail

Sainsbury boss sentenced to jail in Egypt

By Michael Stones

Sainsbury chief executive Mike Coupe has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment in an Egyptian jail, after his conviction by a court in Giza for attempted embezzlement.


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