Student demands lifetime supply of Nestlé after bar blunder

By Laurence Gibbons

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Ahmad is demanding a lifetime supply of Kit Kat (image credit: SWNS)
Ahmad is demanding a lifetime supply of Kit Kat (image credit: SWNS)

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A student has threatened legal action unless Nestlé provides her with a lifetime supply of her favourite chocolate bar Kit Kat, after she purchased a multipack in which none of the bars contained a wafer biscuit.

Kings College London student Saima Ahmad claimed Nestlé broke its duty of care to consumers and threatened legal action against it.

Ahmad has demanded a written apology from Nestlé bosses, a full refund for the £2 product she purchased and a lifetime supply of Kit Kat so she can act as “quality control”​ for the manufacturer.

Writing to the manufacturer, she complained: “The truth of the matter is; manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers.

“The specific duty you owe in consistency in your manufacturing process. The failure to take due care in the manufacturing process resulted in a product being defective.

Monetary and emotional loss

“As a result I feel as though I have been misled to part with my money and purchase a product that is clearly different from what has been marketed by Nestlé. The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance.”

Ahmed added that she would take legal action against Nestlé if it did not comply with her demands.

Nestlé manufacturing defected Kit Kats – missing the wafer – was a widespread problem, Ahmed claimed.

Nestlé’s response

A spokeswoman for Nestlé told “If a consumer finds any issue with a Nestlé product we would encourage them to get in touch with us online, by phone or by post so that we can investigate and put things right for them.”

Nestlé launched its Kit Kat brand in the 1930s and it has grown to become Britain’s number one biscuit, it claimed.

Last year, Nestlé angered many of its loyal consumers after it changed the name of the chocolate bar to You Tube Break as part of a its partnership with Google.

Many readers of this website told us they would stop buying the product​ as a result of the temporary name change.

Last week, the High Court ruled against Nestlé in a dispute with Cadbury over its attempt to trademark its four-finger Kit Kat product.

Law firm Roythornes said the ruling demonstrated how vital it was to protect all elements of a company’s intellectual property.  

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Posted by WakeyPete,

I read this with disbelief as I am from a generation where not only good morals were instilled from a young age but also one which one which would not allow one to demean themselves to such an extent through pure greed.
I might suggest that when this lady completes her degree that she joins the realms of the ambulance chasing morons who have built their careers upon greed and deception.
Futhermore to claim emotional distress over a chocolate bar is to insult everyone in the world who has ever lost a loved one or suffered personal tragedy.
A fitting conclusion to this sham would be for Nestle to counter sue to the extent that left her without the means to continue her career in law, the college would then be rid of a very dubious student and she actually may understand the meaning of substantial monetary loss and emotional distress.

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Emotional Loss

Posted by Harry LOndon,

Wait till you lose a family member through murder, suicide or an accident then you will suffer emotional loss, this stupid cow needs to grow up and fast and get real.

What is worse there are Law firms who would back her.

I hope I never have to end up at Kings College for any treatment, if this is the sort of low life people they train and eventually employ.

Very very sad

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Is it 1st of April today?

Posted by Mike,

I had to quickly check the calendar. I bet Nestle are quaking in their boots at the thought of being taken to court, but loving the free publicity you've given them. Deary me, maybe better concentrating on your studies Saima instead of your belly.

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