Edible insects sold in the UK are done illegaly, according to Horizon Insects

Edible insects left in legal limbo

By Gwen Ridler

Producers of edible insects in the UK have been left in legal limbo, after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) failed to notify producers of new regulations on novel foods post Brexit transition period, according to Horizon Insects.

Edible insects: set for mainstream manufacturing success

Innovation conference

Edible insects: coming to a manufacturer near you

By Michael Stones

Edible insects are set for mainstream manufacturing success, as their US popularity is repeated on this side of the Atlantic, according to speakers at Food Manufacture’s innovation conference – New Frontiers in Food and Drink.

EFSA confirmed that GM maize produced in 2010 had no negative effects on humans, animals and the environment

GM maize strain given EFSA all-clear

By Dan Colombini

No negative effects on human and animal health or the environment can be traced to a trial of genetically modified (GM) maize strain which produces insect toxin, according to research from the European Food Safety authority (EFSA).

Stomach bugs

Stomach bugs

By Graham Holter

We westerners are curiously fussy eaters. We'll happily consume the pulped nether regions of factory-farmed pigs if they're labelled as sausages, while some of us positively salivate at the idea of grotesquely enlarged goose liver. But when...

Drosophila suzukil, or Spotted-Wing Drosphila (SWP)

Foreign invader threatens UK fruit

By Ben Bouckley

East Malling Research Association (EMRA) has warned about the threat to UK soft and stone fruit from a pestulant fly that could make it unmarketable.


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