The FSA said 2 Sisters promptly resolved issues

FSA investigation found ‘process weaknesses’ at 2 Sisters

By Michelle Perrett

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) investigation of 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) plants following the scandal which plagued the company at the end of last year found “several process weaknesses” and “regulatory failures”.

Failure of food handlers to wash their hands properly is a main way norovirus is spread

Food safety conference

Norovirus thrives on poor hand hygiene

By Rick Pendrous

Poor personal hygiene, and specifically the failure of food handlers to wash their hands properly, has been identified as one of the main sources for spreading norovirus – winter vomiting bug – in catering establishments, according to new research published...

Food factory workers ‘cutting corners’ risks safety


Workers ‘cutting corners’ threatens food safety

By Rick Pendrous

Pressure to meet tight production schedules is leading some food factory workers and the teams they work within to cut corners, putting food hygiene within those manufacturing sites in jeopardy, a new survey has revealed.

Grader offers accurate weighing of meat products

Weighing spotlight

Grader offers accurate weighing of meat products

By Rick Pendrous

Interfood Technology is an agent for Sparc Systems’ Maxi 420 modular grading system, which is said to ensure accurate weighing during fresh meat processing.

Grassroots Foods has received new flooring from Kemtile

Hygienic, slip-resistant flooring

By Rick Pendrous

Meat processing company Grassroots Foods, based at Nelson in east Lancashire, appointed hygienic flooring and drainage specialist Kemtile to supply and fit out its new processing plant.

Penarth Bakery was fined £10,000 for food safety breaches

Penarth Bakery fined £10k for hygiene breaches

By Matt Atherton

A Glamorgan bakery was fined more than £10,000 for 36 food hygiene offences, including placing unfit food on the market, failure to protect food from contamination and failing to control rodents.

Asda apologised for dirty delivery crates

Asda apologises for dirty delivery crates

By James Ridler

Asda has apologised for low levels of hygiene in its home delivery vans, after a BBC investigation found bacteria levels on some delivery crates to be “the equivalent to dirt levels of a kitchen floor”.

AMR could cause 10M deaths each year by 2050

FDF backs government work on antimicrobial resistance

By Matt Atherton

Food manufacturers have been urged to remain vigilant after a Food Standards Agency (FSA) report found almost 500M campylobacter-contaminated chickens were sold in 2014 that were resistant to at least one antibiotic.

Food firms should check their hand hygiene procedures after a supplier was fined £40,000

Health hazard risk from dermatitis, after £40k fine

By Noli Dinkovski

Food manufacturers have been encouraged to check their hand hygiene procedures after a supplier was fined £40,000 for failing to adequately protect an employee against contact dermatitis.

Ice pigging technology increases product recovery during chnageovers

Ice pigging reduces changeover waste

By Rick Pendrous

A novel hygienic ice pigging machine, expected to provide users with big savings on raw materials wasted during changeovers between piped products, has been launched for use in the food processing sector.


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